12 Dec What To Look for When Hiring a Marketing Manager

The only thing consistent in marketing is that the industry is always evolving.  So when it is time to hire a marketing manager, it can prove to be more challenging than hiring, say, an accountant.  In other fields, there are fixed skill sets, degrees and certifications that streamline the process of finding a qualified candidate.  Think about the following criteria when you want to bring a marketing master on board:

*Exceptional Social Media Skills:  This may seem like an obvious talent that a candidate should possess, but it means more than having a personal Insta account.  The right candidate will have in-depth knowledge of all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapcat, TikTok and even Twitch.  Have they heard of the more obscure ones like Quora, Flixster, ReverbNation and Viadeo?  The greater the candidate’s depth of knowledge of emerging and old school media sites, the more value he or she will bring to your company.

*Agility:  To respond to the ever-changing marketing landscape and keep each client feeling like they are the top priority, a solid marketer needs to be able to pivot often, think on their feet and have a thick skin for constructive criticism.  Fail fast, revise on the fly and test often is the norm so make sure the person you hire can do all three.

*Creativity:  Fresh approaches and ideas are everything. Coming up with campaigns that blow clients minds, repackaging successful concepts in new ways and taking direction from clients regarding their needs and wants are all part of a day’s work.

*Data Competency:  Creativity is essential but so is the ability to understand, identify and manipulate data to gauge how successful a campaign is.  Make sure your candidate is fluent in Ominture, Google Analytics, PPC campaigns, Eloqua, Salesforce, HubSpot and email metrics.

*Legal Knowledge:  Although you’re not looking for an attorney, you will want to bring someone to the team who has dealt with privacy laws and other relevant issues like consumer protections, rules and regulations for platforms and the difference between contests and sweepstakes. On the same note, they should also know when to ask for help and not play attorney!

*Tech Skills:  Everyone should be proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Apple Docs, Zoom Meetings and Google Hangouts.  But the right candidate will have the ability to utilize scheduling calendars for social media, update website content, content creation platforms and more.  The ability to learn new software fast is powerful.  The ability to identify new software that will solve your problems is even better.

*Team Player:  Marketing is a collaborative effort.  The best marketers work hand in hand with lots of other departments including Finance, Sales, Promotions and Planning.  Teamwork is everything.

*Storytelling Prowess:  Creating great stories that draw people in is important, as is relating to the people listening to the story. For your company to stand out among the competition, you need the right person who can inspire people to feel deeply and to connect to the stories you are telling. You need consumers, both existing and potential, to envision themselves in the brand stories that your marketing team creates.

*Leadership: Whether they are managing others or not, leadership is a required skill in marketing. Because they will often find themselves explaining why a new method is worth trying, they will need to have the strength to build a solid argument and stand by it. If you would rather hire a “yes-woman or man”, it is important to realize that your marketing may suffer due to that decision.

Going through a myriad of candidates is a daunting process. This is why SocialCow helps companies hire the right marketing staff, supports their transition into the new position and provides education and support to make it successful.

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