15 Nov Social Media Will Lose Its Luster – This Will Not

Originally posted on LinkedIn and authored by founder, Kristina Centnere.

I heard a social media expert say the other day that they try to stay off their own profiles. Call me crazy but understanding something requires the use of it. When it comes to social media, I need to feel its pulse on both consumer and business sides.

While many try their best not get lost in the “mindless scroll”, I make it a point to mindfully scroll through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to see what catches my eye and most importantly – why?

Is it the composition of the photo?

Was it the emoji ??‍♀️ in the copy?

Did the post have a lot of engagement? (Comments, likes, shares)

What comments did it have?

How does the post compare to others’ on the poster’s page?

Is their engagement rate above the norm?

And most importantly:

Do the posts have a strategy behind them?

Strategy isn’t sexy. No one is screaming “look at how many leads I got with my strategy”. You’re more likely to see a headline like, “Generate leads with Facebook ads.” It may not be fun, but it is imperative.

Think of strategy as the foundation of the house. No one gets excited about seeing the cement foundation. They want to decorate the inside and see the final results. They want the ”shiny” things. But without a strong foundation, the decorating wouldn’t mean much as the house would crumble.

A strategy is a document you create through a process of understanding your business and its position in the marketplace. If you’re a medical practice or a solo business, it’s also understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. It’s only then that you can identify your business’ differentiator and create a strategy that will continue to help answer any questions your business comes across, not just marketing.

For instance, once you have your strategy, you can answer almost any question about your business decisions:

  • Which CRM should we use?
  • Is this a good social media post?
  • Where should we expand?
  • How should our website look?

Marketing, especially on the digital front, is constantly changing. If you do not have a reference point, it is easy for a “shiny” trend to catch your eyes. That’s not to say that Instagram or Facebook ads won’t help your business. On the contrary, you will be able to squeeze the most out of each method by using it according to strategy.

At some point, social media will lose its luster. Even Gary Vaynerchuck is predicting it. Websites as we know them will even become obsolete. SEO will change with it as will paid ads.

Stop focusing on the “shiny” and start building your foundation. Not sure how? Book a free consultation with us now: https://calendly.com/socialcow/freeconsult

P.S. Think it’s too late or you have built too much of a following to start over and start right? Staples sure didn’t as they re-imagined themselves and started over from Instagram scratch.

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