83% of prospective clients name online reputation as the #1 reason they choose an attorney.

We implement client-safe online review management methods to make your firm look great online.

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Client journey starts with reviews.


Prospective clients look on Google, Yelp, Avvo, Facebook and other review engines to see what other say about an attorney.


Even when referred, prospective clients look through reviews as well as website information prior to making a decision on which attorney to hire.


Proper review management by SocialCow will help you look great online!


Answering reviews is key.


Answering reviews both positive and negative shows attention to detail. The key is to answer promptly and without adding fuel to the fire.


But who’s got time for that? Our team. In addition to monitoring private feedback and public reviews, we respond to them in a way that diffuses the situation and seeks out a solution where appropriate.

Our review management program filters negative reviews.


What if you could prevent negative feedback from going public?


Our review acquisition system allows you to get negative feedback privately and positive reviews to post publicly!

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We helped a Miami homeowners insurance law firm look great online.


We used our review management system to increase their star-rating on Google from 3.9 to 4.6 within 90 days. Since our system filters negative feedback, it allowed the client to better understand where they can improve their service without it affecting their online reputation!


Additionally, we helped them raise their Glassdoor rating from 1.2 to 4.9. Although Glassdoor is for staff to review their employees, it is highly rated by search engines and can readily come up if someone searches the name of your law firm, like a referral.


Take a look at the big picture.

We increased this client’s traffic by 78% through SEO and Google Ads. If their online rating remained at 3.9 on Google, the increased eyes on their business could be deterred by the low rating.

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