01 Aug One Thing to Instantly Boost All Your Marketing Efforts

I always say, “There is no silver bullet in marketing”. Having grown my digital marketing agency, socialcowmedia.com, over the past decade, I’ve learned that we don’t know until we test. Even if we are promoting the same company like Verizon Wireless – the market in Chalmette, LA is not the market in Manhattan, NY. We don’t know if Facebook ads will bring a better response than Waze or Google AdWords in any market until we test. We might have an theory, but all theories are just that until they have evidence supporting them.

But if I had to pick the one thing that every freelancer, company, marketing department, etc. should do – this is it. This is the silver bullet, the golden egg, the diamond of marketing. And most think we’re already doing it, but they don’t do it in a way that is necessary for today’s interest-based, AI-powered marketing landscape.

Before I get into what it actually is that will boost all your marketing efforts almost instantaneously, I want for you to consider this:

Are you more likely to hit a target on a dart board with proper lighting or with the lights off?

It’s not a trick question. The answer is simple: being able to clearly see the target gives you a much better chance at hitting it. Most people shoot in the dark and then give up when they can’t hit the target because let’s be honest – who likes watching money go down the drain? In fact, 62% of small business owners feel like their paid ads are failing.

So, what can help point your marketing campaigns into the right direction? Building your ideal client avatar.

You may already have the basics down, such as age, sex, where they work, live or travel. Maybe you went even deeper to find out which social networks they use, what they read and what their occupation may be. Possibly, you even thought beyond the digital world and found out what type of magazine they may like to read or where they likely shop.

If you had gotten as far as the last sentence, you’re already ahead of the curve! But in order to really turn up the lights and see that target clearly, you must deep dive into the mind and lifestyle of your avatar.

Before beginning any campaign, we do a “day in the life of” where we write out a full day as lived by the ideal client avatar. Why? Because every step of the way, we can pick up on a piece of information that can help us better target our audience.

For instance, what brand of toothpaste are they using – Tom’s or whatever is on sale at…Target? Are they Target shoppers? By what time are they at work? Are they listening to a podcast or radio? All of these are little pieces to the bigger puzzle and allow you to better target your ideal audience online and off.

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