22 Jul Medspa Marketing: How to Advertise Your Medspa

Are you getting the most out of your Medspa marketing? Innovation in aesthetic devices in the past decade has led to exponential growth in demand for Medspas. A Medspa, or a medical spa, is a spa-like facility that offers elective aesthetic treatments completed by a medical professional which can include physicians, nurses and aestheticians depending on the local law.

As the industry becomes more saturated, you must consider a fresh approach to your Medspa marketing so that your practice consistently attracts qualified leads.

Being a preferred Medspa marketing agency for the last decade by many of the aesthetic equipment companies such as CoolSculpting, we know what it takes to stand out, including:

Show your expertise. Aesthetic treatments like CoolSculpting, Emsculpt and Morpheus8 from InMode can be found in almost every Medspa. So why would a patient go to you to get a standard treatment like that versus your competitor? TRUST. By showing videos of yourself or your staff discussing the treatment, the science behind it and the results, you are establishing trust with the patient.

Here are a few tips on filming videos for Medspa marketing:

  • Show your face. Especially during this “return to normal” period, we want human connection more than ever before. Neuromarketing, or the combination of neuroscience and marketing, shows that watching videos or viewing photos with humans in them has the same ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling (release or serotonin) as they do when seeing someone live.
  • Mind your background. In addition to being mindful of any HIPAA-protected information in the background, you also want to avoid having any photos in the background that have too much exposed skin. This is a sure way to get the video disapproved if you are running it as an ad on Facebook or Instagram. Additionally, you will want to avoid doors, exit signs or other distracting objects so that the attention can be on you and the equipment.
  • Know your lighting. Ironically, Medspa lighting isn’t always the most flattering. Invest in a tripod with a large ring light which should be facing you while you film. It is also recommended that you have either natural or ring light adding illumination from the side. It is highly recommended to switch off overhead lights.

Forget stock photography. Put out content that engages and converts. In the same sentence that you are educating your audience and demonstrating your expertise, give them a subtle reminder that you are human. Your prospective patients want to see that they can trust – yes, that word again – their medical professional to help them look and feel their best. Stock photography is great for blog photos or even landing pages, but it is a thing of the past on social media, especially in Medspa marketing.

After all, if you want to show your patients that you are unique all the while offering a popular treatment like CoolSculpting, you don’t want to use the same images the Medspa down the block is using. While photos and videos taken with your smartphone around the office will be most effective on social media, we encourage you to invest in creating your own stock photography.

If you are within 50 miles of Miami, New York City or Los Angeles, our team can help you get your own perfect set of stock photos and professional videos! We can work with your preferred photographer or bring our own.

All our video production and photography includes a strategy session to make sure that the feel and look of your specific brand comes through. Below is an example of a professional photo that was taken after a strategy was laid out.

After updating a stock photo of a patient consultation previously used in Facebook ads with this photo, the engagement and click-through rates (CTR) increased by 24%.


Email them like you mean it. Many medical practices and Medspas have given up on a seriously powerful tool that is email marketing. Many of them only send out emails because everyone else is doing it. But if you dive into your emails’ analytics, tweak your messaging and the structure of your email, you will find a winning combination that consistently gets results.

Try these tips:

  • Include a section with before and afters with a button that links to the before and after gallery on your site. When we did this email marketing method for a plastic surgeon in NYC, most of the clicks went to the gallery page, which is their most converting page on the website.
  • Include GIFs. This is a fun new trend that has helped us increase replies directly to the email. While you can use a well-selected “stock” GIF such as the one below, we highly recommend you take a few minutes to create a GIF of your own. This platform makes converting videos into GIFs quick and easy!

Make sure your 24/7 office manager a.k.a. your website is working properly. You wouldn’t let your practice manager show up to work drunk and sluggish. Make sure your 24/7 face to the world – your website – is sober, alert and ready to convert. Just testing the site yourself may not be enough. If you have a significant amount of traffic coming to your website, but it’s not converting, you have a problem somewhere.

Before making any changes, you want to understand where your website is strong and where it needs TLC.

Our team implements session recording on our clients’ websites so that we can pinpoint disengaging behavior by visitors, understand why it happens and then fix it.

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Be in the NOW. In this article, “How to Use Google’s ‘Near Me’ Feature to Sell More Non-Invasive Treatments”,  we discuss how important it is to be connected and ready to help your audience. Timing is everything, especially when you are in a competitive industry like Medspa.

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