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13 Sep Marketing Botox, Xeomin and Other Injectables

Injectables are the “gateway treatment” to your practice. How you market them can determine the type of clientele your office will be serving for years to come. For example, if you deeply discount injectables on Groupon, you will flood your practice with Grouponers – patients who are loyal to great price, not their provider or results.

Valued at $8.88 billion dollars globally without any sign of slowing down, the injectables industry captures all adult age ranges, and body parts. From fillers to enhance the calve and button to the more well-known uses of Botox to smooth forehead lines, injectables can be effectively marketed to a variety of audiences.

The key is to address and attract each audience with a clear message just for them.

Create Your Audience Avatars

A first-time neurotoxin user requires a different approach than someone familiar with Botox. So does someone who want buttocks filler like Sculptra versus lip filler like Restylane Kysse. Even the names themselves present great opportunities for marketing treatments for varying body parts!

Consider the demographics of your best patients and start by creating an avatar based on them. See which zip codes they live in, what they do for a living, and if you know them well enough, ask them what type of skin care products they use to establish common threads.

During our avatar-building exercise, we go as far as creating an image of what the ideal patient looks like, complete with the type of brands they use, their job titles, economic status, where they live, etc. This helps humanize potential leads a medical aesthetics practice like yours wants to attract.

By diving deeper into the minds of your ideal clients and building separate audience avatars, you will be able to target each segment in a way that speaks directly to them. That is the first step to marketing Botox and other injectables effectively.

Think When, Not Only Why

You may already know to focus on pain points in your advertising, but you can further lower your cost of acquisition if you also pinpoint when a potential patient makes the call to book their first or follow-up Botox appointment.

Think of the infamous Snickers commercial that states, “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. It specifically visualizes a time of day or an event during the day, as well as the pain point (hunger), with the solution being a Snickers bar.

Consider when someone may want to call you for an appointment. An upcoming wedding? A special event? When they look in the mirror after a long work week? Then create content that helps patients recognize themselves in it.

Follow Up for a Lifetime

Injectables are great “gateway treatments” partly because of their immediate results. When a patient sees immediate results, they wonder what else can they do to enhance their appearance. The key to marketing Botox effectively is also knowing what compliments the results it achieves.

In HOW TO GET MORE BOTOX PATIENTS, we stress the importance of consistently reaching out to patients for their follow up appointments, as well as to convert them to more expensive, complementary treatments. Skin-tightening treatments such as Ultherapy or InMode’s Evoke, microneedling, LED facials, laser resurfacing and other non-invasive treatments can further enhance results achieved by injectables.

Creating proper marketing and sales processes can help you convert more patients into lifetime evangelists!

We Can Help.

From marketing Botox to putting on patient-gaining virtual events during COVID, we’ve spent a decade helping medical aesthetics practices think outside the box. If you want integrative marketing solutions that get your practice your ideal patients,  click here to schedule a consultation call.