03 Jan How to Market Your Law Firm Online | Legal Marketing


Traditionally, law firms are a referral business. But studies show that over the recent years, the lines between online and offline legal marketing have blurred.

Marketing your law firm online is now more of a necessity than it is an option. However, with the Board regulations and other rules to be mindful of, law firms are often unsure of how to market themselves properly. As a result, their legal marketing is not maximized and they get more skeptical of whether digital marketing can work for their law firm.

Here are the steps you need to take to starting marketing your law firm:

1. Set goals & expectations.

Before doing any active marketing, we sit down with law firms to understand their goals and set expectations. It’s a little harder to do it yourself, but this has to be the first step. It will allow you to better measure your results down the line. Go beyond “get more clients” and uncover what kind of clients and cases you want to work with. The more detailed you are, the better your legal marketing will be.


2. Write out a strategy.

Based on your goals, write out your ideal audience and how you will reach them both online and offline. Your strategy should include your KPI (key performance indicators) to show how you will track progress. SocialCow leads with strategy and this is a step we never miss because it allows for everyone to be on the same clear path to success.


3. Analyze your online presence.

In order to go to your goals, you must first understand where you’re at. We provide law firms with a free online presence analysis, which you can request here. Unless you’re a legal marketing professional, we highly recommend you get this analysis completed by one as it will give you the benchmarks you require. The analysis should include your reviews, the status of your website and social media, as well as your search ranking.


4. Make a plan for your online legal marketing.

A specific plan is often confused with a strategy. Based on the analysis of your online presence, outline the combination of methods needed to achieve your goals. Be weary of anyone suggesting only one method of marketing such as PPC, SEO or Facebook Ads. Most effective marketing comes from a combination of services. For example, if you are doing search engine optimization, it’s important to have your website load quickly, have the right content and be able to convert incoming traffic.


5. Execute and analyze.

Now that you’re done measuring twice, it’s time to cut. The most important part of execution is being able to analyze and adjust. At SocialCow, we review client data during our weekly team meetings and monthly with the client. If you are not an expert at digital marketing, we highly recommend investing in consulting or a full-service legal marketing company like SocialCow.


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