40% of people say they’ve purchased a product online after seeing it used by an influencer on social media.


We implement a variety of influencer marketing campaigns to help you get the social proof  and engagement you need to get more sales.

Should You Buy Followers?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients. Our answer is, “Depends on how you do it.”


We categorically do not implement or advise the buying of fake, robot followers.


Listen to the video to learn our stance on the topic and explore the influencer campaign service we currently offer, explained below.

NEW influencer campaigns are posted weekly! 

Influencer Loop Giveaway Campaigns


A popular method of growing your following on Instagram and TikTok quickly but organically, these campaigns can increase followers by 1K to 100K in as few as 72 hours. Here is how they work:

STEP 1: Contracted influencer is scheduled to do a giveaway at a specified time. We collect the influencer’s demographic to understand their audience as well as their engagement rate, so that we can best pair them with the right clients and predict their follower turnout.


STEP 2: A client who wants to grow their following buys into that campaign. It is significantly cheaper to buy into a campaign with 20-50 other accounts than work with the influencer themselves.


STEP 3: At the time of the giveaway, the influencer creates a post leading his or her followers to a page that follows the clients who bought into that campaign. The giveaway instructions are to follow all those accounts in order to enter to win.


The result? Thousands and even tens of thousands of followers within the hours and immediate increase in social proof.

NEW influencer campaigns are posted weekly! 

Do you have celebrity campaigns?


Yes! Some of the celebrity influencers have included Jamie Foxx, French Montana, Sonja Morgan, Jamie Lynn Spears and more.

To help ensure follower retention, every influencer campaign includes a strategy call where we help you plan out your content for the time of the campaign.


You can learn more influencer marketing campaigns here.

Our guarantee.


We are not the only company that implements loop giveaways as part of their digital marketing strategy.

But we are one of the only that has follower guarantees for most* of their campaigns. Because these campaigns gain you followers organically, we cannot predict with 100% certainty what the follower turnout will be.

This is why we guarantee a specific amount of followers for most* of our campaigns. If during the campaign, your account does not reach the guaranteed number of followers, we will place you in another campaign with a similar demographic until that number is reached!

*Because some influencers are unable to put guarantees in their contracts, there are some campaigns for which we do not provide guarantees. However, you can always purchase a set amount of followers instead of campaigns. For pricing or any questions, please use the chat to contact us or email us at support@socialcowmedia.com.

Upcoming Campaigns

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