23 Oct How to Use Instagram to Get Plastic Surgery Leads

Whether it’s clothes or rhinoplasties, every visual business has the potential to consistently generate leads on Instagram. Specifically built as a visual-centric platform, Instagram is prime digital real estate to display your patient transformations on, and attract patients who want the same.

In this article, we look at several layers of what makes our clients successful in generating plastic surgery leads on Instagram.

Layer 1: Instagram profile bio that attracts.

Considering how little it seems you can put into your practice’s Instagram bio, many overlook how important it is to put the right stuff. This limited real estate is equivalent to beachfront property – there’s only so much beach!

When someone lands on your Instagram profile, you have a second to tell them a story that will convince them to continue their experience with you. Use of imagery in the form of emojis helps attract the eye to important text and fits the playful feel of the platform well.

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of a compelling Instagram bio.


Layer 2: Content that tells a story.

Most importantly, it depicts your practice’s unique story. Have a variety of posts that highlight your successes, humanize what you do and establish you as the authority on the subject.

While some businesses on Instagram like to form a “look” or pattern with their feed posts, we find that perfection isn’t always the most engaging. There is no correlation between the most successful practices and having the neatest Instagram feed.

However, Instagram is a visual-centric platform and as a plastic surgery practice, you are in the business of aesthetics. So while your feed doesn’t need to form a pattern, each individual post should look appealing. You can also establish a thread of consistency by creating your own branded quote template and use it to post a quote each week.

Creating content that tells a story and attracts your ideal patient is as much a science as it is an art. 

It is a time-consuming process, but you can shorten it by creating a regular format that will also create consistency for your audience. For example:

  • Mondays – #MakeoverMonday post featuring a before / after of a patient. This is better than using Tuesday transformation as it is now a “worn out” trend.
  • Tuesdays – Post a procedure video. This can be posted as a feed, Instagram Reel or IGTV.
  • Wednesdays – Post a quote. Enter a witty, thoughtful or motivational quote that is relevant to your business and brand. Remember to use your branded template for best results!
  • Thursdays – Wildcard. Have one day of the week where you post something that is timely. This can be a post discussing a celebrity transformation, a meme, a magazine feature or anything else you’d like.
  • Fridays – Educational fact for #FactFriday or answer questions for #FaqFriday.

Creating a calendar plan as such should only be a temporary solution until you are able to invest time into your content or hire a strategy medical marketing expert. While processes are great, you want to avoid having stale content.


Layer 3: Facts tell, Stories sell.

The Stories feature on Instagram is a key component to engaging your audience. More used than the Instagram feed, Stories allow your audience to get a 15 second or less peek into what you’re up to.

These posts only last in Stories for 24 hours, but can be added to highlights for eternal viewing.

What makes this part of Instagram highly engaging is a plethora of features that allow your audience to quickly and easily interact with your content, as well as expose your content to new audiences. Ultimately, this helps Let’s take a look:

How to get seen by more people with Instagram Stories.

Once you take a photo or video in the Stories feature – or upload it from your camera roll – you can swipe up to open the available “widgets”. The first three widgets below the “Featured” section, include:

  • Location – Always add your location when you want your story to be seen locally. While there is no way to guarantee that your story will make it into “Local” stories, posts frequently do. Especially as a local brick and mortar business, this is a powerful feature to increase local brand awareness.
  • Mention – Whether it’s a brand, an influencer or your RN, mentioning someone gives you the opportunity to get reposted and then seen by their audience. If that account’s story gets seen by even 100 people, that’s 100 opportunities for a new patient! Remember to use this feature only when relevant and not spam brands or people who are not involved in the Story you are posting. While the “Mention” widget allows you to only tag one account, you can manually type in up to 10 mentions in your Story.
  • Hashtag – Just like hashtags in feed posts allow people interested in the topic to find you, the same goes for hashtags in Stories. While the “Hashtag” widget only allows you to have only one hashtag, you can manually type in up to 10 hashtags in your Story.

These three widgets can help you get seen by more of your ideal audience and invite in leads, especially when you include interactive features discussed below.

How to increase your engagement with Instagram Stories.

Users engage almost 40% more with Instagram Stories than they do with feed posts! While there are no official numbers regarding lead generation from organic stories, we find that our clients also derive most of their organic Instagram plastic surgery leads from Stories posts – even if the user had interacted with feed posts previously.

? From neuromarketing perspective, it makes sense that most of our clients’ organic Instagram plastic surgery leads would come from Stories. In order to make a buying a decision, such as to book a consult with a plastic surgeon, a few things need to happen:

  1. Important information is delivered in a quick, fun way. There is so much noise that our attention span is 4 seconds shorter than it used to be just 10 years ago! Stories give businesses an opportunity to quickly capture and educate their ideal customers. The consumer brain likes speed and efficiency.
  2. Engagement creates more solid memories. When consumers engage with a brand, the neural connections required to form a longer-term memory are strengthened. Instagram Story engagement tools facilitate this process.

Let’s take a look at how to use the four most important of these features to increase engagement and generate plastic surgery leads:

❓ The “Questions” feature is a great way to source content by having your audience ask you questions! Since sharing and answering those questions is done anonymously, it is a fun and safe way to interact with the audience asking you the questions as well as educate the rest. You can also keep these questions to later use in your #FaqFriday posts!

? Poll feature is a quick and easy way for your audience to show you what they are most interested in, or what their thoughts on a subject may be. The trick is to create a poll that doesn’t have a wrong answer. For example, you can ask your audience whether they prefer fire or ice, in reference to CoolSculpting v. WarmSculpting, if you have both treatments. You can then use that information to contact interested parties for the treatment they prefer.

? DM me is a relatively new feature that makes it easy for your audience to contact you in reference to your story.

✅ Quiz tool is a fun way to give your audience some surprising facts, and at the same time test how well they are listening to your stories. If they aren’t, you will then know to tweak your approach by possibly adding more text to videos (for people who do not #volumeup) or a more fun approach to learning such as Reels.


Layer 4: Use influencers and UGC to get more plastic surgery leads.

User-generated content (UGC) is 20% more influential on purchase decisions than other forms of content.

How come? To answer that , we look to consumer psychology and neuromarketing. People are more likely to buy products, services and procedures when they see themselves in the pictures posted.

This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend against stock photography when promoting procedures. When looking to beautify themselves, potential patients want to know that there are others like them – stretch marks, crooked noses and droopy eyes – who felt the same way, undergone the procedures and came out looking better than ever.

While it used to be difficult to get patients to allow the posting of their before and afters, the normalization of beauty procedures has made patients a lot more willing to share their stories.

Employing the help of influencers is a great way to both create UGC and get your brand in front of tens of thousands of relevant, interested potential patients. Since you will likely trade a treatment for exposure or even pay the influencer, it’s important to have your expectations clearly laid out before initiating the campaign. We highly recommend having a contract in place as well.

Having managed hundreds of both direct and loop influencer campaigns, here are a few recommendations:

  1. Research your influencers. Some metrics we look at include engagement rate (should be 3%+), demographic of their audience, number of followers and most importantly – what they talk about and how they present it. The latter should match your brand and method of operation.
  2. Have your expectations clearly laid out before initiating the campaign. You should agree on the number of feed posts, Story posts, timing of the posts and any approval from your end.
  3. Have a contract in place. While it may seem like an easy transaction, influencers are business owners and they even have to follow governmental rules such as adding #sponsored on their posts. These are important details that should be put into a legal document, ensuring you have a successful campaign.

Using a combination of influencer, UGC and loop campaigns is an effective way to increase the number and consistency of plastic surgery leads you receive.


Layer 5: Use paid promotions to get in front of ideal patients.

Consistently promoting your posts to a targeted audience helps increase and solidify brand recognition. On average, a consumer must see your brand 7 to 15 times in various manners in order to make a purchasing decision.

Here’s a plan to start with:

  1. Allocate $200 – $500/mo just for promoting your feed and Story posts on Instagram.
  2. Create a relatively broad audience that is within 10 – 15 miles of your office and targets no more than 3 relevant interests to start. You always want to start broad and then narrow after reviewing your analytics.
  3. Promote the posts that best show your brand and expertise for at least $9/day for 2 – 4 days – we find these to be the magic numbers!


? Ready to moo-ve your plastic surgery practice to greener pastures and generate most plastic surgery leads? We’ve been helping medical aesthetics businesses attract new patients and retain their existing ones for 10 years and counting! Schedule a free consultation here today.