28 Jan How to Use Google’s “Near Me” to Sell More Non-Invasive Treatments

In the past, Google users searched for generic concepts to search for non-invasive treatments. Now, “Near Me” can be a big advantage for your aesthetics practice.

To take advantage of the “near me” search for your aesthetics practice, consider this:


The obvious feature of “near me” is being found by potential patients locally. To be found locally, your aesthetics practice with its accurate address should be listed on Google My Business as well as other important local engines like Yelp, Facebook, RealSelf and Healthgrades. Google takes all of these power sites into consideration when ranking your business in search.

Keep in mind that Google treasures quality and consistency over all else. Just creating a listing and putting in your address isn’t enough. You must fill it out in full and continue updating it by adding photos and posts regularly, consistently getting reviews (at least 5 a week) and turning on messaging on your Google My Business listing.


Unlike a surgical procedure, non-invasive treatments like BOTOX®, fillers, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing facials, etc. have a short “buy period”. That means that people looking for such treatments are typically ready to buy them right away. And that’s what “near me” works best for.

Many of these searchers are ready to purchase now, not just browse. Think with Google recently reported that “76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.” There’s also been a 500% increase in “near me” mobile searches that contain some variation of “can I buy” or “to buy” over the last two years. Source: Think With Google).

The items that shoppers are craving have also become very specific.  The new way to hunt includes tailored requests like “places to buy Nike sneakers near me,”  “places to find facials near me” and “where can I get Coolsculpting near me.”  Instead of a generic search, the consumer knows what he or she wants, in a specific area and at a targeted time.


There has been exponential growth in mobile searches including a 900%+ growth in mobile searches for “_near me today/tonight.”  People are ready to find out more information right now, get their questions answered immediately and set up a consultation or appointment without ever picking up the phone.

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This is the perfect opportunity for your website to shine – if it’s ready. The first thing your website must have is speed. Your mobile site should load in under 2.5 seconds as 40% of visitors won’t wait any longer. You can see if your website is fast enough on the Google Speed test tool.

Then, you want to make sure that your home page gives clear information on services provided, quality of work (before and afters), your location and your hours. With a 200% increase in searches for brick and mortar locations that include the words “open,” “now,” and “near me,” it is essential to make sure that your website and listings contain accurate information concerning your hours of operation.

Finally, options for making an appointment or otherwise contacting you should be easily available. In addition to installing messaging on your Google My Business listing, you will want to have a chat function on your website as well as an online way of making an appointment. NOTE: Anything you add directly to your website will make it heavier and therefore slower. It is highly recommended that you work with an experienced healthcare website development agency to program your website properly and weigh out the pros and cons.

Analysis: Get a free online presence analysis.

With the highly targeted quests that prospective customers are executing, there has been an uptick in searches that go beyond generic terms like “facial” and include specifics like “CoolSculpting” or “Botox.” Make sure that your site is optimized for such searches and easy to navigate.

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