08 Jan How to Set Your Marketing Goals & Align Them with Your Business Goals

It’s that time of the year most businesses start thinking about their goals. If you’re just starting to put your marketing goals together for the year, you’re in good company. Although marketing and business goals should start being reviewed in October for the upcoming year, many small businesses wait until January.


Here is how you can start making marketing goals that will aid your business’ big picture:

*Revisit Your Mission Statement:  In the day to day melee of just getting things done, we can lose sight of the big picture. We see this quite often with clients who feel that they have either hit a plateau or in a “fog.” It’s important to review your mission statement with yourself and your team on a monthly basis, and especially when setting your goals. Your company’s mission statement is the guiding light for when you’re not sure which route to take. By reminding yourself and your team of your company’s purpose, you remind them of what they are striving for.

Pro tip:  As you’re starting the annual process of setting marketing goals, print out your mission statement and post it near your computer, or somewhere it is visible at all times.  The more you look at it, the more it will imprint on you and organically be a part of everything you consider.


*Construct Your Marketing Objectives:  The primary question is what is your overarching marketing objective?  This is the ultimate goal that you would like to make happen in a specific time frame.  This big goal is the one that drives all of the other goals and objective that you set.  Make the goal broad, so you have wiggle room to plan out your entire marketing strategy.  Then focus on specific, data-driven goals that will get you there as well as set your time frame.

A good example of an overreaching marketing objective is to generate $xx in revenue by January, 2022.


* Think About Your SMART Goals and Weave Them Into Your Objectives:  The SMART approach lets your department manage marketing activities better and determine how successful new objectives can be. Use these specific building blocks to move along your plan.

Pro tip: What is the SMART approach?  It is a traceable way to make sure that your goals are being hit:

Specific: your goals are clearly outlined and your team understands the importance of each goal.

Measurable: key performance indicators (KPI) and benchmarks are used to measure progress.

Achievable: the objectives are within the grasp of your team and company to actually reach.

Relevant: your objectives are aligned with to your brand mission and company goals.

Time-Bound: a specific beginning and end point to achieve your objectives.


*Establish a Strategy: This is where you get to the “how” of achieving your goals. Work backwards from your goal to consider what you will be doing online, offline and in person to achieve your goals. This is also where you will begin to assign responsibilities and consider who else you need on your team to help accomplish your goals.

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Establishing a marketing strategy should also include how it integrates with your sales methodology. Customer journey should be fluid and intuitive from the first touchpoint throughout the completion of their services and beyond.


*Look at the Data:  Knowing where you were, where you are and where you want to be in terms of numbers is key. When you know the formula for each of your marketing efforts, it becomes easier to scale and predict the outcome! It also allows you to keep your team accountable and motivated.

Pro Tip:  Are you using Google Analytics?  It is free, widely used and can give you a great deal of data about your website’s audience and performance.


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