15 Jul How to Repair Google Ads Disapproved For Malware

If you’ve had Google Ads disapproved for malware, we feel your pain. It can happen to anyone. With the typical cryptic disapproval message, you probably aren’t sure why it has been flagged or how to fix the situation so you can launch your campaign.

What is malware or malicious content?  Essentially, it is any mobile app or software that is designed with the sole purpose of harming software, a mobile advice, a computer or its users. Through a myriad of methods, including using viruses, it attacks and installs software without the consent of the user.


There are several reasons why Google Ads can be disapproved for malware including:

  • Images hosted on software that Google Ads didn’t approve.
  • There are Redirects on the page URL or landing page.
  • Outgoing URL’s used http on the landing page when the landing page is secure of https.
  • Plugins from WordPress are noted as malicious by Google.
  • You may have included form fields that require the visitor to submit sensitive information, without encryption.
  • Custom scripts added to the landing page have referenced external content that Google finds malicious.
  • You may have included downloads on the landing page, which should only happen on a clearly-labeled download button, as per Google.

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You may have not intended to launch a landing page that is fraught with malware. But since Google’s malware detection process is entirely automated, the method of collection can catch innocent content by mistake. And now you need a fix.

One possible solution to fix the issue is to engage with Google Ads Support, who can help pinpoint exactly why your ad was flagged as well as offer possible solutions.  Always use this valuable resource to identify reasons for rejection.


If you want to troubleshoot the problem yourself, here are some options:

  • Head over to Google Search Console and check the status of your site by entering your site’s URL and click “Add a property” to find the status after you verify that the site is yours.
  • If all is fine in the Search Console, there could still be a security issue with your site that was found by Google Ads. Check in with your webmaster or hosting provider to keep checking.  Tools like Stop Badware can often help.  You can also download a tool to sniff out malicious software such as https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.malwarebytes.antimalware.
  • Get rid of the unwanted malware.  If you cannot fix the destination of the ad, the next step would be to update the ad with a new destination that would be in compliance.
  • Lastly, if you edit the ad itself, you can resubmit it and its destination.  It will then go into review and that process should take about one business day, though more complex cases may take even longer.


When you’re on a deadline, the stumbling block of a getting your Google Ads disapproved due to malware can certainly slow things down. If you are new to navigating through the Google Ad process, let us help.

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