14 May How to Nurture Your Leads with Killer Newsletters

You’ve worked hard to get that email address. You may have even spent money on ads, curation of that “free download” and other well-meaning methods to get subscribers to your email newsletter. Now… how do you keep them?


1. The first rule is to engage immediately.

More likely than not, this new subscriber is a “cold” lead that just warmed up to you a little bit by allowing you into their inbox, knowing very well that they can take that power back any time by hitting “unsubscribe”.

This is your opportunity to show the lead that you are organized, interesting and full of value. Here’s how:

1. Connect your lead page (where you are collecting the addresses) to your email software so that the email address is automatically put into your list. Saves you time and gets your lead engaged right away!

    • Softwares we prefer: MailChimp for email, Instapage for landing pages, Sumo for email-collection forms on your site, Zapier to connect Facebook Leads Ads to MailChimp.
  1. Create a welcome email that automatically sends when your lead enters in their email into your system with the above connection. This can be easily accomplished with MailChimp’s automation sequence. Here’s how.

Not sure how to do any of this? Save time and get it done quickly and affordably by SocialCow.


2. Write them a subject line they can’t refuse.

If they don’t open your email, it doesn’t matter if you’re giving away a million dollars inside. Writing a good subject line isn’t complicated. Just ask – would you open this email?

A few tested-and-true tricks to getting your email opened include:

  • Use an emoji in the beginning of your subject line. Even something as simple as an arrow helps your email stand out from the 2958 others in the mailbox.
  • Use numbers, but not zeros. Much like emojis, numbers stand out. But people react more to numbers that seem to be real, such as “2958” rather than “2000” 😉
  • Use “your” when possible. For instance, “Your confirmation” or “[CANCELLATION] Your account is pending.” The latter one is great for getting inactive subscribers to open your email and let them unsubscribe if they wish. Remember – you want your list full of ENGAGED subscribers, not uninterested ones.


3. Keep it short, sweet and engaging.

Whether it’s your first welcome email to them or the last one where you ask if they’re still interested to hear from you, keep it short and to the point.


Your newsletter should not read like a graduate school thesis or an e-book. Think of it as a digital catalog that a department store sends out- it has the best of the best, serves as a teaser and gives away enough to lure them into the blog you’re referencing, the website you’re talking about or the service you’re trying to sell.


4. Cut the images.

Sounds counterintuitive since everywhere else, images rule! But not in newsletters. With emails sent to over 100,000 addresses, we’ve found that the best engagement in measurements of replies and clicks come from newsletters that are simple text. That means no fancy images, no complex layouts – just well-formed text and up to 3 links to lead your readers to the next step.

In addition to being a simple format for readers to engage with your newsletter, it also reduces the size of your email, allowing it into more inboxes and to open faster.

NOTE: If you are an e-commerce business, you will benefit from a simple layout with photos that lead directly to purchase pages.


5. Include user-generated content (UGC).

Your newsletter is not about you – not directly, anyway. It’s about the transformation and result you can deliver to the one reading it. Reviews, before and afters, even stories about happy clients is what your potential clients or patients want to hear! That’s what will drive them to buy.


6. Give them what they want – just not all of it.

Subscribers gave them their valuable email address so that you can give them a solution to a problem. Give them bits and pieces to that solution by inspiring them with facts, statistics and most importantly, results you have gotten for people just like them.

However, you want them to come to you to purchase that solution. If you are a service provider, be sure not to spill all the beans. Give them tidbits of information, inspire them and then show them that you’re the one to complete the job.


Are you interested in making social marketing work for your business but don’t have the time to invest in it? SocialCow is here to help you build new relationships with your ideal potential clients online. Call us at 305.425.9955 or schedule a free consultation here.