28 Apr [VIDEO] How do I market my medical spa?

To stand out in this competitive industry, medical spa marketing requires innovative methods that stem from a strong foundation.

Kristina Centnere, founder and lead strategist at SocialCow, shares why it is important to start with a strong marketing strategy for your medical spa.

A marketing strategy is the foundation of your “home.” Without a strong foundation, you cannot build a mansion – let alone a hut!

While there are many attractive methods of marketing a medical spa, including influencer marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads and evenĀ neuromarketing, these “shiny” ways of advertising cannot be effective or scalable without a strong strategy in place.

“The foundation from which you operate your business, your marketing and your client relations is one of the aspects that will change the least.” Kristina says.

It starts with having a deep understanding of who your ideal client is. While you may think you know who your ideal client is based on their demographics, we encourage you to dig deeper.

“Big companies do marketing well because they know the habits, behaviors, likes and dislikes of their clients as well as an individual knows their own. By understanding those aspects, you are able to tell a more appealing story and target your customers properly and easily. Taking the time to develop your ideal customer avatar is the crucial first step.” Kristina adds.

SocialCow has developed a template to help you build your ideal client avatar here.

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