28 Jul How to Get More Botox Patients

With a variety of uses, Botox is the leading rejuvenation treatment. It is also a great gateway treatment that gets new patients comfortable with more intense rejuvenation techniques like PRP, Ultherapy and surgical edits. The more Botox patients you can get, the more patients you can ultimately accrue for a lifetime.

Botox, unlike other neurotoxins, has the benefit of being a household name. That brings strong brand recognition and decreases the need to “sell” prospective patients on the benefits and safety of the products.

Botox is a low hanging fruit.

But even for a low hanging fruit, you have to reach and pull. Here are a few marketing methods we have used with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and dental spas to bring in to get them more Botox patients.

Keep in mind that just like one syringe of Botox won’t turn back the clock 10 years, just using one of the methods below will only take you so far. We always recommend “combination marketing” for best results.

  • Botox is a versatile treatment with a rich history. It doesn’t just smooth wrinkles, but can also be used to prevent them, address hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), lift brows and relieve migraines. Use videos, infographics and other content to offer solutions to a variety of patient concerns.


DO THIS: Film several videos answering popular questions such as “How can I stop sweating so much?” or “Can Botox prevent wrinkles?” and put them on YouTube. Use those videos in your website’s blog, and also boost them on Facebook to an audience that may experience the issue your video resolves.

  • Create offers that don’t cheapen your service. Botox can be found cheap but you get what you pay for. You don’t want Groupon customers because they’re the least likely to upgrade to another service. Instead of cheapening your brand, create offers that bring in more customers.


DO THIS: Email your current patients a “bring-a-friend” offer they can’t refuse. The value of the offer should be intriguing enough and also upgrade them to another, more profitable treatment. For example, “When you introduce a friend to our practice, they get $100 OFF an area of Botox and you receive $250 OFF our Frax laser treatment!”

  • Follow up like your business depends on it. Because it does. It’s maddening how many practices lose patients because they don’t follow up for the 6-month “refill”! Staying in touch consistently with your patients helps them remember you.


DO THIS: Create a follow-up process for existing patients that starts with a “Thank You” immediately after the appointment. The initial communication is also a great time to offer the “refer-a-friend” discount as that’s when they’re on cloud 9 about your work. The sequence should include email, text and phone calls which then restart on month 4 to get your patients ready for their 6-month “refill”. This should be in addition to the email newsletter your practice sends weekly or at least monthly.

If you want to be consistently successful in getting more Botox patients and converting them into lifetime fans, you must have a cohesive marketing plan and implementation.

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