18 Mar How to Build The Perfect Instagram Post

To the casual user, Instagram posting is a picture they like and maybe a hashtag or two. But if you want your Instagram to generate brand awareness and leads, you must first go to anatomy class – anatomy of the Instagram post, that is. This article will give you the education you need to start creating effective posts on the ‘gram.

Meet the Instagram post: It has its own set of tools and best practices.

We’re happy to introduce you to the Instagram post- it can perform as little or as much as you set it up to perform. Behind every tool, there’s a set of instructions and a basic coding that makes the platform run like a well-oiled machine with an invisibility cloak. Behind the clean interface is methodical coding that sets up a track for it to run on. Diving in without a guide can be daunting, if you let it.


On the technical side

Before we can go into the more strategic side of things, we have to get acquainted with the humble Instagram post. It’s a clean square with space for copy underneath. Behind this simple build, is a powerful set of tools. Let’s dive in!


The Creative: Picture or video – it must be engaging right away! Most importantly, it must be clear. The size must be at least 500 x 500 (in pixels), although 1080 X 1080 is recommended. Although Instagram does accept rectangular photos, it will be squared off in your profile. Considering that the eye prefers complete images, anything cut-off will look out of place.

Stock photography (Shutterstock or your own professional photos) typically gets less engagement than organic, authentic photos. You can make your photos stand out with proper editing from great editing apps like Photofox.

BONUS TIP: Creative that includes blue color performs better. It is the world’s most favorite color. Test it for yourself as an experiment and tell us how it went!


The Copy: The copy, or written portion below the creative, allows you to put a caption underneath your picture. Simple, right? Wrong.

To entice the reader, the copy should be engaging, informative and catch the reader’s attention right away. The latter can be accomplished by including emojis regularly throughout the text and by dividing your sentences like so:

BONUS TIP: Long-form copy proves to have better engagement, especially when a question is asked!


The Hashtags: Technically this is a part of copy but deserves its own category. The hashtags are the ‘active’ keywords that can be searched on IG so your post can be found.

Up to 30 hashtags can be added to each post. For best practices and highest engagement, they should be relevant to the post. Keywords like city, state, establishment, the context of the post, subject of the post and the like.

To learn more about hashtags, check out this post on our Instagram – follow us for more tips!


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👉Want to be found on IG through hashtags? Use more specific hashtags. The short general ones will bring you a mixed bag of people and may not attract the audience you want. When you use specific ones, the pool of candidates within the hashtag will be smaller, giving you a greater chance of being seen and it will get connect you to an audience with a more narrow idea of what they are looking for. 👉For example if you’re a doctor looking for marketing and search #marketing, you might get restaurant marketers. However, if you search #medicalmarketing, you’ll get medical marketing experts like #socialcow who know how to cater to a specific audience that medical professionals are interested in marketing to in order to drive business. 🤔What’s a #longtail #hashtag that gets you the results you want? Let us know!

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The Location Tag: Above the image is a space for a location tag. The location feature does have its own following, much like a hashtag or a user profile. It is another feature that lets your content be discovered by a hyperlocal audience. Depending on the situation, you can tag the city or the establishment you’re in.

Understanding these parts and their functions is vital to having a solid foundation for Instagram marketing. If you don’t know what you’re working with, then it’s hard to make it work in your favor.


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