03 Aug How Plastic Surgeon Got 163 CoolSculpting Leads with 322.22% ROI

163 CoolSculpting leads in 37 days. Our team has spent the last ten years helping plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other aesthetics practices scale with strategic, comprehensive marketing. The most frequent request is “Get me leads”.

Especially in aesthetic marketing, knowing how to properly position treatments in advertising is key to having a successful ad. Digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords have strict rules on how the ads must be structured in order to have them be productive, or run at all.

Our combined knowledge in various aesthetic treatments, digital marketing and automation allows us to get our clients a steady stream of leads for both surgical and non-invasive treatments, including CoolSculpting leads.

But lead generation alone does not build a business.

Over the years, we noticed that our clients were getting overwhelmed with the number of leads they were receiving. This was because they didn’t have the proper systems to convert the leads right away as well as down the road.

The information below will be helpful to you if:
1) You are not generating enough leads for CoolSculpting.

2) You are paying too much for leads.

3) You are not converting the leads you are generating.


In the past 26 days, we’ve generated 71 CoolSculpting leads for $3.51 per lead. That’s approximately 2 leads per day on a modest budget.

During COVD-19 closures, the same plastic surgeon in NYC generated 92 CoolSculpting leads for $4.30 per lead.

With 163 leads in the pipeline and a staff that is already stretched thin with re-opening, the practice was facing a problem:



Leads generated from Facebook Ads are cold leads and need to be nurtured. An effective follow up process involves a sequence of emails, phone calls, text messages, retargeting ads, smoke signals, etc. (Ok, maybe not the last one).

CoolSculpting leads generated in 2020 can take more effort to convert, which is why many practices are giving up.

But fortune truly is in the follow up – you just have to do it right. Or have us do it for you. Click here for a free consult.



27 leads responded within 30 days
9 scheduled paid consultations
2 booked CoolSculpting treatments
2 booked other non-invasive treatments

ROAS (return on ad spend): 1242.86%
TOTAL ROI (including our lead conversion program): 322.22%

Only 7 leads out of 92 have unsubscribed from contact.
All other leads continue to be followed up with and included in weekly emails.