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21 Sep How Much Content Should I Post Each Week?

Reaching out to your customers should be an essential part of your marketing plan.  Creating daily content for social media platforms is a solid strategy but how often do you need to construct longer form blogs? There is a fine line between going missing in action and inundating your subscribers with way too much information.  Finding the sweet spot takes a little effort on your part and there are some questions that you need to answer first.


Let’s look at the big picture.  Blogs provide information for your customers as well as provide a stage for you to showcase yourself as a trusted expert. Blogs actually count in additional ways, like as a centerpiece for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.  What is your goal?  Think about this and decide which elements resonate most with your business needs:


  • Give your readers added value:  These longer posts give in-depth information and deep dive into topics that position you as an industry leader.  Because they’re more involved, the readers need to devote some time and attention to reading and absorbing them, so these shouldn’t be posted often.  The burnout factor, both to read and to create are high for these longer blogs, so publish them thoughtfully.


  • Grow traffic:  Google and other search engines give credence, credibility and most of all, value, to a site that publishes fresh content regularly.  If you get lax about posting new content on your site, you’ll probably see that your site will drop lower in search engine results.  So keep this in mind, as your blog posting strategy absolutely impacts your place in search results.


  • Affiliate marketing income generator:  By building up additional content including blogs and reviews, your audience will become aware of the products and services with which you are affiliated.

What is right for one site isn’t necessarily the correct game plan for another.  That’s the sticky part of content creation.  Unfortunately, there’s no standard that all brands can use effectively.  Posting daily can definitely put you in the position to burn out your readers as well as plowing through the topics that you want to cover.  In the same respect, you know the feeling of checking out a blog and seeing that it is two seasons old. Nothing feels more dated than seeing the most recent content referring to the holiday season and it is the middle of the summer!


So, unless you can keep up the pace with compelling content, let’s rule out posting daily.  Curating valuable content is time consuming, so shoot for posting new blog posts at least once a week.  Varying the length of the content is a great idea, so readers won’t always feel that they’re tackling a long form post each time.  Remember, content that stays relevant for a longer duration is beneficial so that your topics will continue to be optimized in search engines.  Try out blog posts weekly to see if it feels right for your brand and adjust from there.


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