09 Jun How Marketing Automation Can Make Your Business More Profitable

It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep. If your business isn’t running efficiency, you are bleeding revenue that should be profit. Same goes for your marketing.

Whether your marketing is in-house or outsourced to a marketing agency, marketing automation can help improve efficiency and put more profit. On average, well-implemented marketing automation can save as much as 10 hours per week. That’s about $250 – $750 per week that you can be putting towards your profit!

In addition to cutting your costs, it can also make your business more profitable by ensuring that fewer things fall through the cracks. Once you create a good automation system that works, all you have to do is make a few tweaks once in a while.

There are many examples and tools for marketing automation, and we will share some of our favorites with you.

Facebook Leads Automation: Imagine spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Lead Ads just to realize weeks later that the leads weren’t getting to your front desk. That’s what happened to a client of ours – a plastic surgery practice in Jupiter, FL. Leads need to be addressed within hours of receipt for best results, so getting them to your team immediately is key. But cold leads also require a more extensive follow up process. With the following marketing automation set up in Zapier, we enabled the client to get on top of the leads right away and save both our teams hours of unnecessary data entry:

  1. Email + Text Notifications: We set up immediate email notifications to the clients’ staff as well as a text alert to the practice manager.
  2. Google Sheets + MailChimp: In the same automation sequence as above, we had the leads automatically populate in a shared Google Sheet as well as a tagged MailChimp list for easy segmentation and automated follow up. Our team references the Google Sheet daily to follow up with leads there after initial contact from the office.
  3. MailChimp Automated Emails: We designed and set up an educational 7-email sequence for each type of lead ads, which helped convert cold leads that were not yet familiar with the practice enough to make a decision.

Contract + Onboarding Automation: Whether you’re adding a new client or a new team member, onboarding can be a lengthy process. Unless you automate it, of course. Here’s the automation we used to help a mental healthcare clinic save 3+ hours per hire:

Contract Signed > Uploaded to Google Drive > Questionnaire Sent > Questionnaire Uploaded > Data Added for Admin: The only manual step here is sending a templated hiring agreement to the new hire by inputting their email and name. Once the contract is signed, the signed copy is automatically uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder and the new hire is added to the roster that the front desk staff references for scheduling. This then triggers the intake questionnaire to be sent. Once the latter is submitted, it is uploaded to Google Drive.

Not only does this save you time and resources, but it helps your medical practice, wellness brand, agency or any business you own look like the pro that you are! It sets the tone of efficiency and mastery.


At SocialCow, a New York Medical Marketing firm, we are proud to offer the latest in automation to be used for marketing for physicians and practices. We’re so local; you’d never know that we’re national.  Call 631-212-8402 and put the power of automation to work for your practice.