15 Dec How a Plastic Surgeon Sold $41.8K Treatments Online on Black Friday

Think online shopping is reserved only for physical items? Think again!

2020 has been an unprecedented year with quite a few plot twists. We can call this pandemic an accelerator event, catapulting the entire world into a different way of being. Social distancing has pushed us along in the adaptation of virtual being.

Zoom meetings have also prompted us to look in the mirror (or the screen) a bit more. Searches for at-home skin care routines rose by over 30% in 2020, and as people got more comfortable with being outside, aesthetic appointments saw a spike as well.

If virtual pizza parties are now a thing, is it so hard to believe that you can now sell non-invasive treatments online as well?

We started our client’s Shopify store only 3 months prior to Black Friday to test if online shopping for items with a $1K+ price tag would be appealing. Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the facial plastic surgeon made $41,800 in sales!

The client didn’t have high expectation to sell online during the Black Friday madness. In fact, the entire campaign was built 48 hours before Thanksgiving.


How priming and social listening drive sales.

The process of selling online began well before the Black Friday campaign. In neuromarketing, we call it “priming.”

Priming is when exposure to one stimulus influences a response to a subsequent stimulus, without conscious guidance or intention. It is a concept many small businesses do not partake in because it rarely yields immediate results. However, large companies including Yahoo!, Frito-Lay, Hyundai, Coca-Cola – to name a few – use neuromarketing techniques like priming as the underlying foundation of their marketing efforts.

Social listening¬†is a data comprehension technique that allows us to understand the public sentiment. During the pandemic, we kept a close ear to this as sentiment changed in every week’s report, often drastically. From skin issues due to increased snack consumption to maskne, social listening gave us the edge to help clients reach people in a meaningful way. Here are three of the methods we used that ultimately primed people for purchasing high ticket items on Black Friday.

  1. Instagram Lives were also implemented immediately after closures were announced. We specifically focused on connecting the client with companies and personas with a relevant, large following. This increased the client’s following and also prompted their existing following to see them as an authority on beauty that they can connect with virtually.
  2. Email newsletters, featuring topics relevant to the current times, including preparing for Zoom job interviews and how to moisturize over-sanitized hands, were sent out regularly as well.
  3. Shortly after COVID closures began, we implemented virtual events. Prior in-person events were more for the press than for the sales, but social listening hinted at a significant change in the public’s willingness to attend events. People wanted to be with other people. The client was happy to have a larger audience than could possibly fit in their office, but what was unexpected was people’s willingness to buy big ticket items right there and then – online!
  4. To help facilitate online shopping at the events, a Shopify store was launched in September. It produced sales right away.


Consistency in marketing is key.

Because the client’s audience was primed to engage and shop online, Black Friday campaigns outperformed expectations. Most of the sales generated ($33,000) came from the client’s email list.

It is important to note that throughout 2020, other marketing efforts like Facebook and Google ads continued. In fact, ad budget was increased. In comparison, the few clients who took a break from advertising during closures had a more difficult time generating sales when doors re-opened.


Did you miss out?

If you didn’t make $40K+ in online sales on Black Friday, you may be feeling like you missed out on Apple stock in 1980.

But the neat thing about marketing is that there’s always an opportunity to do it big and most importantly, do it right!

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