15 Aug Holiday Planning Starts in August

That’s right, you read that correctly. While we’re in the middle of the hottest month of the summer, we must start thinking about the Fall and Winter seasons for our marketing strategies. While others are preoccupied with pool parties and backyard bar-b-q’s marketers are thinking of fall colors and winter wonderland.


To think that you still have time to plan in October is faulty. Statistics show that 47% of consumers start to think about what they’re going to buy for the holidays in October, if not earlier. Now is the time to put together a plan and even start carrying out some of the initial tasks.


Although 60% of shoppers say that seeing holiday advertisement in November feels the most appropriate, being present online with your holiday strategies will put you ahead of the game. When you make yourself present early on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, you make your potential customers more familiar with your company and prepare them for your holiday promotions. By the time that the ‘right’ time rolls around, they will be comfortable with the idea of purchasing from you.


START by getting your audience excited for the upcoming season. Depending on your product or service, you can serve subtle hints like posting a photo of your working on a new course while sipping hot cocoa – a Universal reminder of winter holidays. It can help your audience associate the course with hot cocoa and therefore its holiday launch date.


CONTINUE to remind your potential customers of the exciting product or service you will have available for the holidays. The reminders should become more direct as you near the launch. If you’re selling a product on Black Friday, for instance, you should set up increasing direct reminders to start by the 3rd week of October. Mix them up with subtle hints as well so as to not lose engagement. After all, people follow you or your brand because of your voice, not your promotions.


Keep in mind that as time grows closer to the holiday shopping season 62% of shoppers turn to search engines to help them make purchasing decisions. If you want to be at or near the top of their search out of the gate, you have to start doing the footwork 3-6 months before. If you start in September and start strengthening your SEO ranking and Google Ad strategy, by the time November and December roll around, your product or service will be towards the top of your potential clients’ searches and more likely to be considered for a purchase.


Finally, email and/or texting is a necessary part of any holiday campaign. Over half of those surveyed said that they were highly likely to click on a holiday-related email advertisement and an astounding 85% of people said that they were more likely to visit a business that emailed them a holiday related message in the future.


At SocialCow, we are not only proficient in marketing practices and up on the latest methods, but we understand the consumer psyche. The holidays are hectic for many people. If you can help them find a solution to their pain – finding the perfect gift – you are no longer another nuisance ad, but a much-appreciated little helper elf.


To get marketing assistance with your holiday campaign, call Social Cow at 786.217.7876.