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Hey, boss! Ready to scale yourbusiness to $50K/mo+?

Get the mindset, business and marketing coaching you need.


Only fill out this application if you are READY to level up your mind and your business.

It's okay to not be ready. You may be content at $5K/mo or $10K/mo right now and you may need some time to get uncomfortable before you are READY.

BUT... if you are feeling like you are trying to break through the ceiling, if you are too big for the space you are in, if you are at $10K/mo+ and you're feeling tapped - THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

If you want unlimited support from entrepreneurs, including myself, who have grown businesses that not only generate $50K/mo+ but give them the freedom and creative energy to live a life they want - THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU.

What others have experienced with my coaching

Chris Kalisz, Founder of SRT Therapy & Stretch n'Straps

"I hit a real low in my life. Felt like the world was caving in on me - business, family, everything. Rather than telling me what I wanted to hear, Kristina gave me a constructive kick in the butt that I needed and I got a plan. If you want "fluff", Kristina's coaching is not for you. If you actually want to transform, don't wait another second to connect with her." - Peter M; 10+ years in business

"You know you're with the right coach when you want to fight their advice every step of the way! I started working with Kristina to change my business, quickly realizing that the reason I couldn't do it before was because I wasn't willing to change my habits, my thinking, etc. As a 50+, I was also hesitant to listen to a 25-yr old. Feel silly about that now." - Mike A; 20+ years in business

How does it work?

Ever wish you could have top-notch support in your pocket, available when you need it? You found it!

Ask unlimited questions in mindset, business processes and marketing.

Get answers from myself as well as guest experts and past students.

Get support on those "bad hair days" - we all have them!

Monthly Zoom calls on various topics.

In addition to providing business coaching to a variety of professionals, my digital marketing company SocialCow has had the pleasure or providing marketing consulting and services to the following brands.

About Kristina Centnere

Since the age of 16, Kristina has been on her own in pursuit of true independence: freedom from financial restrictions, physical barriers and the hardest fight we all go through - mental blocks.

Over the last 12 years, she left behind her plan to become an anesthesiologist, started her own marketing company at the age of 20 and... realized her goal of being wherever she wanted whenever she wanted while helping others along the way.

So, why coaching? Although her success naturally drew attention and her teachings helped transform those around her, Kristina struggled with the decision to become a business coach for two years.

Finally, she realized that there is nothing more selfish than keeping her ability to help others achieve the freedom she enjoys away from them. And so, here you are, reading this. Is it your turn to transform?

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