It seems like everyone (and their calf) does digital marketing these days, so what makes us different?

1) We’re not a jack of all trades. Digital marketing has a large spectrum of services. In order to offer them all at an expert level, you must have a dedicated team to each services. That’s exactly what SocialCow brings to the table. Our team members are dedicated to the services we provide, including website design, social media management, social content, Google ads, Facebook advertising and more.

2) We start strategy first. Most people focus on “shiny stuff” like growing your Instagram following but they don’t stop to ask “Why?”. Before starting any service, we focus on understanding our client’s business, their own unique value proposition and what their goals are. When we have a strategy, we implement necessary marketing techniques to get them to their goals while sticking to what makes our clients unique.

3) 10 years in the business. We have been in business for almost a decade. We’ve seen companies come and go, and have withstood the test of time.

But really, our clients answer it best:

“Our team at SocialCow isn’t just a third-party provider. They are as integrated into our business as our internal teams – a true marketing partner.”

“SC [SocialCow] brings strategy, marketing innovation and tireless execution to the table.”

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Depending on the size of your business, you will be working with 1-3 people directly. Your direct point of contact will be an account manager, who will oversee all interaction, strategy and report delivery. Depending on the type of digital marketing we are handling for you, you will have a bi-weekly call and group chat with key team players.

Yes and no. We are a full-management company, which means that we also curate your content. Depending on the package you select, you can have as many as 50 posts per month going out every day of the week.

However, social marketing is even more effective with organic, original content that can only come from you. It is an opportunity to connect with your audience and show them how you are different from your competition. Your SocialCow account manager and content manager will work with you on developing unique content ideas that will drive engagement from your ideal audience. You will have a direct way to provide us with photos and videos, which we will then edit, add copy to and post at optimal times.

Approving content has never been easier! With SocialCow’s GRASS platform, you can login, check the scheduled content a week ahead and make changes.

In every conceivable way. We develop a unique plan of attack a.k.a. strategy for each client. Depending on the marketing and advertising methods, we track:

  • Engagement
  • Clicks
  • CPR (Cost per result)
  • Website visits
  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Target audience response
  • Keyword ranking
  • Calls made (calls will be recorded where allowed)

During the onboarding process, the account manager will establish the type of response you prefer for both, positive and negative reviews.

Only our high-level management has direct access to your accounts. All other logins are through our secure, no-show password software.

During your onboarding, we will present and discuss content ideas that we find to be engaging in your industry. At the end of the month, your SocialCow content manager will also provide timely ideas and gather your input.

This is not a question we get often, but as part of our transparency policy, we believe it is an important one to answer. After all, it is not about whether an error will happen but how your team responds to it when it does.

SocialCow has an internal policy of “full responsibility, regardless of fault”. As your digital marketing partner, every SocialCow team member on your account takes responsibility of every marketing action in our scope – whether it is done by the client or us. While we have over a decade of experience, which limits errors considerably, misunderstandings happen to everyone. When they do, we analyze them with all team members immediately and quickly put preventative solutions into action.