10 Oct Are You Converting Online Leads? This Sequence Will Help

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Many believe that lead generation is the biggest problem businesses face. But when you are working with the right marketing partner and have allotted a proper budget and testing time to it, lead generation is not an issue. The problem we see most customers face is the follow up and closing the sale, or lead conversion.

My company, SocialCow, has been providing digital marketing services, including lead generation, primarily to the medical and franchisee industries for the past decade. Aesthetic practices, especially, have a high potential of success with online lead generation. In most cases, they have the proper budget to invest in generating leads and their return on investment (ROI) is high.

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Recently, we started Facebook campaigns for a few aesthetic practices focusing on non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation. Within 18 days, one of the practices received 55 leads, 3 bookings and 4 invalid numbers. While we have an automated email follow up sequence, the leads were only reached out to once each from the office side.

You’ve likely heard the quote:

“The fortune is in the follow up.”

It has been found that most sales people will stop after two attempts at contact, while most prospects require 5-7 touch points to buy.

We’ve found that the misconception medical practices, especially, have is that if the interested person left their information after seeing the ad is that they are a warm lead and won’t take much effort to close. But regardless of how well targeted – and retargeted – the ad is, it is still a “tap cold” lead as we like to call it.

They’re not an “ice cold” lead as they have shown some interest, but they’re still unaware of who you are in most cases and need to be nurtured. Much like building a relationship, there is a time-table and process for nurturing a lead. As an outsources CMO, I work with office managers and their staff to develop and implement sequences that nurture these leads.


Here is an in-office sequence we’ve found to be successful for our medical clients in the aesthetics field:

Day 1: Call lead within 24 hours. The less time that passes the better. Introduce yourself in a friendly manner and let them know you’ve received their inquiry about ______ and you’re calling to lock in their offer. The goal is to set up a consultation. TIP: Always request a deposit, which will be applied to their treatment or refunded when they leave the consultation. Whether you talk to them directly or leave a voicemail, ALWAYS follow up with a one sentence email, letting them know you left a voicemail and to give you a call back to lock in the offer. TIP: Use an email tracking software to see if they opened your email.

NOTE: Be sure to have an automatic email going out to each lead as soon as they enter their information. This is a sequence we develop for our clients.

Day 2: Give prospects 24 hours to respond and then follow up with another email asking them if they are still interested in locking in their offer. This is a good time to mention that the consultation is free. Let them know that you will give them a call tomorrow to confirm.

Day 3: Call them again, letting them know you are following up to answer their questions and just so they’re aware, the offer expires within 7 days (tell them the exact date it expires). To lock it in, they just have to call you back to set up a free consultation.

Day 5: [SECRET SAUCE] To people who have opened your email or have otherwise shown interest, send them a quick video introducing yourself so they can put a face to a name. We recommend using Bonjoro app as it automatically tracks who watched it!

Day 7: Give another call and follow up email letting them know the offer expires in 3 days (give date).

While you are following this process, you should also have an automated, informative email sequence going that is formulated to convert. We provide this sequence as part of our Facebook lead generation packages. If you are targeting businesses, you should also include following their social pages and connecting LinkedIn as part of your follow up process.

After the 7-day in-office follow up, it is recommended to call the prospect once a month as well as include them in your monthly email newsletters. You’ve paid for these leads – now, make them your customer!

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