23 Apr Aesthetic Marketing 2019

While personality is what helps us keep what we have in personal relationships, beauty reels them in. For some it may seem like a harsh reality that they don’t want to accept while for others, it’s a fact of life. How we show up for life shows the world how we want to be perceived.

Allegran, a beauty industry leader released a 360 report on how people view aesthetics. A whopping 69% of people surveyed revealed that looking their best while doing things such as shopping, going to work or leaving their homes mattered to them while 64% said that looking and feeling fit was imperative to them.  Words like ‘soft’, ‘natural’, and ‘smooth’ were used as top descriptive words for beauty goals.

It reveals that the taboo of using procedures and treatments to enhance beauty is lifting. Many more people on an international scale are viewing it as more acceptable, today in 2019 than just 5 years ago in 2014. Across the world, consumers have revealed that they are willing to undergo some kind of procedure to improve how they look.

2019 is your year.

Now is the time to get on board with selling services in the aesthetic industry and capitalizing on the marketing of it. Marketing is very much a social field and if the public approves, they’re willing to buy and they will be sold to.

In addition to approval having increased among females, the millennial and male population has also deemed aesthetic enhancement to be acceptable. Not only is this a good opportunity to take on a different market, it also poses the opportunity to take a different spin on how the message of aesthetic marketing is delivered to audiences. Instead of aesthetic enhancements and procedures being in the realm of middle-aged women trying to preserve their youthful looks, we’re having to shift gears into spinning the services with different purposes depending on the demographic who is seeking the services.

Instead of going to individual websites, a whopping 82% of millennial patients who did research prior to coming into doctors offices to get work done took to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This poses a new task for medical practices to stay on trend by performing adequate research and maintaining their own social media accounts to stay in the running.

In another study, it has been found that over 90% of people researching businesses in general expected them to be linked to at least an active Facebook account. However, those in the aesthetic field need to also be on the ball on Instagram as over 70% of 500 million users are millennials as of 2019. Using best practices and investing into ads on these platforms will drive sales. In fact, IG is the second most-used messenger in the world after FB messenger, meaning that leads can be coming straight into your business page DM.

If you’re in the aesthetic industry, it’s imperative to be aware of the social media trends to not only survive but thrive in business in 2019 and beyond. If you’re seeking expert help, Social Cow is an expert in medical marketing and can help you deliver visible results. Call us at 305.425.9955 or send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram.