16 Dec 7 Ways to Get More Cosmetic Patients

In the competitive field of aesthetic medicine, standing out among other successful practices can be a challenge. And let’s face it, gone are the days when you can scale by referrals alone to get more cosmetic patients. Marketing must now closely integrate with sales in order to create an atmosphere for scalable growth in your practice.

Whether you’re a plastic surgery practice, dental spa or ob/gyn, the tips below will help you start getting more cosmetic patients in as quickly as 7 days:

Email is very much alive. If you’re not sending out at least one educational and engaging email newsletter every month, you are missing out big time! During Black Friday of 2020, a plastic surgeon client sold cosmetic treatments online for the first time. Out of the $41,800 in total purchases that she gained within 2 days of sales, $33,000 came from email! But don’t try to sell your email list on something without first giving them a lot of value in the months before. You must build trust and rapport by being consistent with educational emails throughout the year.

Offer Telehealth consultations.  Due to the rise of Telehealth consultations during COVID-19, this is something patients have now accepted as the norm. It is safe, convenient and gives you a special bonus that in-office procedures cannot.

Let’s talk neuromarketing for a second. When you have your patient come into the office to do an in-person consultation, they are on your “turf”. Even the most outgoing of humans instinctively put up their guard because it is not their comfort zone. But it certainly makes you feel more empowered to be the best provider because you have all your tools and you’re at “home”.

With Telehealth, you’re able to convert patients faster because you’re each on your own “turf”. The patient feels comfortable as they are in their home or a place of their own choosing and you continue to be in your power from your own office. We have seen this to be the case across all medical industries, including aesthetics, cardiology, fertility and even ob-gyn.

Continuing with Telehealth should be incorporated and advertised as part of your long-term strategy.

Get online reviews.  More than ever before, prospective patients are checking out your reviews on Google, ZocDoc, HealthGrades, RealSelf and more. If you are having trouble getting reviews simply by asking for them from your patients, you’re not alone. That’s why we integrate the use of review software that both texts and emails patients to remind them to leave private feedback and public reviews – without being annoying, of course.

Keep up with Google.  Reviews aren’t just great to have as social proof. They also help with your search engine optimization (SEO). The trick, however, isn’t just to have 100 reviews and stop there. Search engines like Google prefer consistency and reward those businesses that continue getting reviews.

SEO is something you should be doing consistently, even through a pandemic. Clients who continued with their SEO work through closures showed an almost 40% higher booking rate than those who did not. Organic ranking continues to be one of the most important ways to raise brand awareness and with the proper website, to convert patients.

Respond quickly to online engagement. “Now” is becoming increasingly important. As everything is becoming faster (think 5G), your network expects a quick reply. Whether it’s social media comments, DM’s or online reviews, a quick response is key to building trust and engaging potential patients before a competitor does.

Revamp referral process. Referrals continue to be a big part of aesthetics, so why not maximize them? One of the ways to grow your referrals is to offer incentives to your existing patients to do it. Incentives can include accruing dollars off, free treatments and free skin care products.

Before starting an official referral program, it’s important to make sure that:

  • The experience your patients are receiving is worth a referral. If there are issues you know you need to address, it is best to deal with them before giving your patients the proverbial microphone.
  • You are operating within the legitimate parameters of your license, State laws and agreements. Keep in mind that in many States, direct payment for referrals is not allowed, whereas dollars off treatments is,
  • You are doing so within your own branding guidelines. For instance, you don’t want your referral program to cheapen your brand.

Train your staff:  They are the frontline of your practice.  When a new patient enters through the door, they are the first people he or she will interact with.  If they feel unimpressed or alienated, the patient is unlikely to come back and certainly will not refer others. Make sure that your staff is helpful, friendly and engaged to give new patients a wonderful welcome experience.

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