27 Aug 7 Major Marketing Mistakes Medical Aesthetics Practices Make

Celebrating a decade of marketing medical and aesthetics practices in January 2021, we have seen the industry boom and transform. We have also seen many practices make costly mistakes – and they don’t even know it!

Before we get into the marketing mistakes your practice or medspa should avoid, consider this:

Your aesthetics practice may already be doing well because of referrals, your SEO or maybe even your website. But what if all your marketing efforts worked cohesively to produce a steady and reliable source of quality leads? Just like combination treatments are key to aesthetic results that look natural and last longer, combination marketing is key to sustainable growth!


Now to some egregious mistakes to avoid:

Posting inconsistently.¬†A pet peeve of ours because most practices don’t realize how much it is really hurting them! It’s not only hurting your opportunities to be seen consistently on important social platforms like Instagram – which is key for aesthetics practices – but it can also quickly deter the prospective patient from calling.

Consider this: 68% of prospective clients will think a business is closed if their last social media post was over a month ago.

With the recent closures due to COVID-19, customers are on the lookout for businesses that are open and those that are still “around”. Don’t let inconsistency give your competitors your business. Post at least 3-5 times per week on feed and at least 3 stories per day.

Additionally, if your posts are sporadic, it gives an impression of inconsistency and that is not the vibe you want to give off.


Does your online presence and social content attract or repel potential patients? Find out for free – schedule a free analysis here today.


Using social media as a billboard.¬† Social media is meant to be social. Using it as a billboard to post strictly promotions, ¬†stock photography and occasional holiday posts is losing practices customers they didn’t know they had. Instead, engage your audience and humanize your practice.

Don’t get stuck in posting cookie-cutter, generic posts. Showcase your staff, share your story and highlight your successes.  Putting a face to your med spa will make your practice approachable.  How-to demo videos are also a great way to showcase your expertise while engaging your audience Рpeople love seeing behind the scenes!


Not managing comments, reviews and messages. Your prospective patients want answers. When do they want them? Now!

If you don’t answer requests, voicemails, Facebook messages, comments and DMs within hours during business days, your prospective patients can quickly move onto someone who does. Unlike a 5-8 years ago, consumers have grown increasingly impatient and strictly focused on results. You may think, “that’s not the kind of patient I want” but keep in mind that this is just the beginning. Advances in predictive voice search and devices like Google Home, Alexa and Siri will shorten consumers’ patience considerably in the years to come.

Not enough hours in the day? A great automated option can be a Facebook bot that is pre-programmed to answer frequently asked questions and log your prospect’s information! Schedule a free consult today to see how this method could save you hours in lead nurturing and conversion.

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Not generating leads consistently. When times are good, practices and medspas without long-term vision tend to downsize or quit lead generation activities.¬†But when the conditions are good, that’s when you need to plant the seeds that can bear fruit when times aren’t so great.

It takes time to fine tune lead generation from Facebook, Instagram and other platforms like Google Ads. You should always have your ads running, managed and producing leads.


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