24 Jan 6 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns That Inspire

We’re not crying… you’re crying! Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a jaded bachelorette or bachelor, it is hard to resist a good, heartfelt Valentine’s Day campaign.

Here are some of the campaigns that pulled at the nation’s heartstrings:

  • White Castle may not be the first place that comes to mind when you are thinking of a romantic dinner but the Columbus, Ohio-based fast-food chain has served more than 30,000 people who made Valentine’s reservations via OpenTable in 2020, even showing up in limos for their dinner which included hostess seating and table service just for the evening.  The iconic fast food spot has been running their Valentine’s Day event for 29 years and has even hosted weddings on that special day, with the  help of radio station contests.  This year, rapper Cardi B’s sister Hennessy, reserved an entire New York City White Castle on Valentine’s Day!
  • Not to be outdone, Italian restaurant chain Frankie &  Benny’s took to Instagram,  using references to romantic scenes from films to gain awareness and to engage followers to answer which film is being mentioned. One of their top posts included two real dogs, seemingly having a romantic dinner at Frankie & Benny’s in a scene right out of “Lady & the Tramp.”
  • Panera found a simple and effective way to leverage Valentine’s Day and gain foot traffic into their brick and mortar cafes.  They posted a short video on Twitter in 2018, enticing customers to get engaged in one of their restaurants on Valentine’s Day to win free wedding catering from the chain.  This campaign is so easy to execute that any business could adapt it and encourage foot traffic into their business.
  • Tiffany & Co launched “The Tiffany Tattoo Shop” in 2018.  Creating a mini-site that let users select and customize a “tattoo” sticker that could be applied to photos on an Instagram post, Tiffany’s asked customers to create their own and share it with the hashtag #BelieveInLove.  The interactive experience was a success for the brand and users enjoyed the stylized creation that they got to keep and share on social media. User generated content is always impactful and this campaign was no exception.
  • Popular fragrance brand Nina Ricci looked at Valentine’s Day from a different angle but still based the sweet campaign on love:  best friends! Paying homage to the power of women celebrating the day together rather than focusing only finding a date, they created the #MyBestValentine campaign.  Via social media, the brand encouraged customers to submit photos and videos of best friends and their perfume, then featured the user generated content over their social media platforms.
  • Capitalizing on user generated content featuring their products, MeUndies launched a campaign on Instagram asking couples to share photos of themselves wearing their matching underwear sets, using the branded hashtag  #MatchMeUndies.  Their brand features adorable prints which made for a fun photo campaign full of entertaining, sweet and diverse shots that were submitted and shared.  Plus, since the couples  needed to be clad in the brand, there was an instant increase in demand for purchase. Win win!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, consider how you will inspire love in your audience! Need ideas? Schedule a 20-minute chat with us here for free!