20 Jan 5 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm with Online Marketing

Word of mouth is the earliest form of advertising. Digital marketing for lawyers is simply amplifying chances for referrals, 24/7. Here are some simple ways to grow your law firm with online marketing:

Your first impression is everything. You wouldn’t leave used coffee cups in your lobby or ignore muddy footprints at the doorway to the office because it creates a bad first impression.  Studies show that even if referred, attorneys and their law firms will get ‘Googled’ by the individual before they get called. Is your online presence giving the right impression?

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The top items searchers consider include:

  • Online Reviews:

Does your Google, Yelp and Avvo show 4.5-star rating of higher? In addition to the rating, prospective clients also consider the number of reviews you have. Studies show that prospects would rather see over 20 reviews at 4.8-star rating or above than 8 or less reviews with 5-star ratings! Lastly, they consider the contents of those reviews and most importantly, if they were responded to.

  • Website:

Even if your law firm depends strictly on referrals, your website must be in good shape. It is your 24/7 employee and like your staff, it needs to be well-dressed, highly functional and always selling without being overpowering. Consider that when referrals are looking at your website, they are thinking of it as a reflection of you and your work.

  • Social Media:

When looking up your firm, social media sites like Facebook, Avvo and LinkedIn are likely to show up first. Do you post consistently? Is your content informative, engaging and reflective of your work and brand? If the answers are no, visitors are thinking the same about your level of work. Some prospective clients will wonder if your firm is closed if your last social media post was dated over 3 months before.


Be easily found.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a valuable tool for law firms that wish to gain online business. But the search landscape is constantly changing, increasing the need for an SEO expert significantly. Keep in mind that 75.1% of clicks go to the first three search results.

Get your mobile website ready for traffic. Across all demographics, most searches are coming predominantly from mobile devices. Your prospective clients want answers and they want them now. If your website takes more than 2.5 seconds to load, Google considers that slow and may penalize your site by pushing it down in rankings. Additionally, you want to make finding answers about your firm and possible issues your ideal client may have easy to find on your site. Tools like immediate chats on your website can be a big stride towards converting website visitors, if done correctly. If not, it can be damaging to your site and client experience.

Be social.  When it comes to providing legal services, attorneys often want to shy away from conversations with prospective clients online. But with proper precautions that can be instilled by legal marketing experts, online conversations have the highest chance of converting a visitor into a client.

Dazzle with content.  Now that a potential client has found you online, it is imperative that your site isn’t simply a brochure displayed digitally.  Your site and social platforms need to have strong, relevant content showcasing your firm as the perfect place for them.  If they are convinced by your content that they’ve found the ideal firm, their search will end with you.


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