25 Dec 5 Ways to Get Engagement from Instagram Stories

Instagram is a powerful tool which should not be dismissed as the land of teens and influencers. Today, there are different kinds of businesses utilizing the platform to drive awareness and ultimately sales. However, in order for it to work for you, you have to know how to work it.


Instagram has been rumored to crackdown on fake followers, bot likes and “shadowban” hashtags like “#tgif”. All of this has been driving down feed engagement of many profiles. If you have seen your engagement go down, you may be wondering if Instagram is still worth pursuing for your business and the overwhelming answer is YES. You simply have to adjust your sails.


But where has the engagement gone?


Instagram Stories. While some claim an Instagram conspiracy to drive users to use the newer stories feature and all the engagement tools it brings, the answer is instead in the mindset of Instagram users.


The platform’s name itself gives a big hit – INSTA, as in “instant”. Originally named and built to provide a snapshot, intimate look into one’s daily life, it has now become somewhat of an addiction to users wanting instant gratification. If you follow more than a 100 active users, you likely could check Instagram every 5 minutes and find a new post.


The Stories feature takes our addiction to a new level.

Now that feed posts are majorly orchestrated, filtered and scheduled, Instagram needed something to make themselves more “insta”. Solution? Give people the tools to capture and share every moment of their day without flooding anyone’s feed.


It wasn’t just a good idea to test out. It was a brilliant idea that was already tested – by Snapchat. Mysteriously copying majority of their features without legal repercussions, and adding some of their own, Instagram gave people the “insta” they wanted.


Engagement on stories didn’t grow – it skyrocketed.

Even before the “QUESTIONS” feature was added, Stories would generate replies. Something that was tougher to achieve in feed as users were already used to scrolling.


Giving Stories a full-screen experience also allowed for attention to be focused on one user at a time.


As a result, we are seeing less frequent feed posting and more frequent stories. If you miss a day, don’t be surprised if people ask, “Are you ok?” It has happened to our founder, @kriscent.


How do I drive engagement on Stories?

A significant portion of our work with clients is their education. While we handle 100% of their social marketing, we require an 80/20 relationship. The 20% on the client side requires them to get involved. That means committing to bi-weekly calls, reviewing our monthly reports and providing internal content.


Without authentic content, social marketing isn’t nearly as effective. Such content can only come from inside their house.


Stories is one of the features that we teach our clients’ teams on how to use to drive engagement on their own Instagrams. Here are a few of the key points to remember when trying to build engagement with Instagram Stories:




A handy little tool which is the driver of visibility on IG. It’s done in the post, but often forgotten in stories. When using this, make sure that your hashtag(s) is relevant to your story post and minimize to 3 hashtags. The latter helps ensure that you don’t take away from the visual or your message. No one likes spam.

By using hashtags, just like locations below, you are given the chance of showing up in that hashtag’s story. Not sure what that means? Watch an account’s story, click on a hashtag they used and you will see that the stories tagged with that hashtag have a story hub of their own.




This is imperative, especially for business owners.

Using a location tag will drive people who are local to you to see your story and can help grow your following. In addition to each location having its own story, some locations have an upper tier location. For example, you may end up in “New York” location story and “United States”.


Getting more close and personal with your viewers


IG stories now have cool features such as polls, meters, question options which lets your audience directly interact with you. First, it encourages them to interact with you, improving your engagement and they are likely to return because they will be checking back on whether or not your answered that question or posted something more about that meter or poll. Finally, if a story gets a low poll response, for example, you will get a gauge of what kind of content they do and don’t like and what can be done better next time.




If you don’t have original content for the day but do have love someone else’s post, you can share it to your stories. This will notify them and draw attention to your page by thanking you for the repost of their content, which can drive their audience to come and see your page.


Who knew that such a seemingly small feature was so powerful? Well, we did and now you do, too. Although it isn’t a ton of work, it can be time-consuming and we know the the amount of hustle small business has to put into growing and expanding. If you’re interested in doing this and see the value of it but simply don’t have the time, give us a ring at 786.217.7876 and we’ll partner with you!