27 Oct 5 Ways GRASS Will Make Social Media Managers’ Lives Easier

What is GRASS?

GRASS by SocialCow is a content management system that has all the important social media platforms at the palms of your hard-working hands. It provides a wide array of tools to kick your social media content management to the next level.


5 of our favorite features include:

  1. The powerful post scheduling tool that helps putting out content for multiple accounts fast and easy while maintaining quality.

With its calendar view, it is easy to content plan for all of your clients’ accounts, being able to quickly catch any dates you may have missed or holidays that are coming up. Forget all about the guesswork of whether or not you posted  because it’s done for you. If you hover over your posts in calendar view, you’ll get a ‘quick view’ version of your post without having to click in and view it. It’s a simple, yet powerful time-saver.

  1. Posting and monitoring of over 30 platforms.

There’s no need to use multiple tools for multiple social media platforms. Using the target profiles features enables you to create posting groups if you don’t want to have one post to go across all of the profiles of a specific client. For example, if you’re posting a link, posting it to Facebook would perform much better than on Instagram because links don’t turn into hyperlinks within Instagram posts. If you’re creating a post with a large amount of copy, then you may want to leave twitter out due to the character limit. The combinations are endless and they’re all within the same compact posting box.

  1. Have access to all of your past photos in one convenient spot.

If you had to delete a posting and want to repost it, you have access to that past photo from within the platform without having to re-upload your images. When making a new post and you need to grab an image quickly, you can either dig in your personal library for one or use the image search tool to find free stock photography quickly to expedite the process. It’s one less step that you have to take that will make your life that much easier when going through your work day.

  1. Keep the image editing ‘in-house’.

By in-house, I mean within the platform. While it doesn’t have Photoshop functions, it gets the job done if the photo you’re posting doesn’t have the right dimensions for the platform, is too dark or needs some color tweaking. You can even throw some text over it or create it into a meme using the meme function. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that lets you tweak and go like the social media warrior that you are!

  1. Optimal scheduling for highest engagement.

Take the guesswork out of which time your post would perform the best. Within the little compact posting window, you will get a list of times that are optimal to post based on the engagement that your content got over a span of 3 months of previous posts. The power of this can be harnessed to make better decisions on the best times to boost posts or run ads.

Final thoughts

These 5 features are only the tip of the iceberg as to the marketing and posting capabilities that Grass has. It will boost productivity and help with the performance of your marketing campaigns on social media.

For more information on grass, email kristina@socialcowmedia.com