15 Jul 5 Questions to Answer to Effectively Grow Your Medical Practice

Did you know that 68% of potential clients picked a healthcare provider over another thanks to a strong online presence? If you want to grow your medical practice, scalable marketing campaigns are key.  Keep your practice digitally vibrant by asking yourself these five questions, which will help to provide a clear marketing path to follow.


Who is your ideal patient?

To speak to the clients you would like to cultivate, the first step is to have a distinctive image of who that is.  Write down the traits of this virtual person that represents the clients you would like to serve in your practice.  You can start to narrow it down by considering elements like age, location, health challenges and other characteristics that make sense for your area of specialization.  As people have distinctive medical needs, it is essential to drill down and focus on how your practice serves them.  Write down a list to make it tangible.


What medical or aesthetic concerns are you solving for your patients?

Patients want to talk about their pain points.  The things that brought them to your waiting room are relevant and meaningful.  They want to feel that these issues are addressed. Avoid sounding tone deaf by wasting your marketing messaging on simply laundry-listing the services you provide or boasting about your expertise.  Those elements have value but try focusing on marketing about the topics that your patients struggle with. Find out what these are by checking online reviews for your practice to gain depth into the problems that you and your colleagues solve and the resulting difference it makes in your patients’ lives.


What are the essential messages that you want to share?

By compiling these, you will have clear direction in a marketing strategy.  What do you expect to gain from your marketing?  Do you want the switchboard to light up?  Are you hoping to ramp up online scheduling of appointments? This will help drive your marketing as well.


What feeling do you want your audience to have when looking at any of your marketing materials?

“…people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Your marketing materials represent you 24/7. If you’re a mental health care provider, do you want your marketing materials to make your patients feel more stressed and gloomy or elevated and empowered? Think of the colors that came to mind as you just read those words and look at your marketing with fresh eyes.


What impactful content do you need to create to grow your medical practice’s reach?

From colors to fonts and placement of content, neuromarketing helps determine what your ideal clients respond best to so you can stop the guessing game and create more of the content they actually want to engage with.

Consider the content territories in which your particular practice dwells. If you are a plastic surgeon who is an expert in ethnic rhinoplasties, your categories may include Beauty, Wellness, Ethnic Makeup & Hair, Ethnic Concerns.

Tone and approach are just as important as the content itself. Your audience wants to learn, but they’re not necessarily going to understand all the medical jargon. If your audience is in their 20’s and your practice has a more fun vibe, education through TikToks and Instagram Reels may be most engaging. On the other hand, if you have a more mature audience, they may best relate to statistics, before / afters and the science behind it all. That’s how you get re-shares and grow your medical practice’s reach.


What platforms make the most sense for you?

When you understand your ideal patient groups, you can better gauge where and how they spend their time. If they’re avid Wall Street readers, you may want to consider advertising there. Most importantly, remember that just like a syringe of Botox alone won’t give most the results they want, just doing one type of advertising won’t give you the results you want. Combination treatments – or in this case, combination medical marketing – is key to growing your practice at scale.


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