14 Aug 5 Facebook Ads Your Medical Practice Should Be Running Right Now

Getting new patients can be easy through Facebook Ads for your medical practice. This highly targeted and cost-effective tool can help your practice find new clients. But you have to walk before you run. While lead generation campaigns can be highly effective from the get-go when managed by the right hands, they’re not an end-all solution.

Especially for medical practices that do not have a product to sell, such as cardiologists, fertility specialists and ob/gyns, the 5-step approach to turning prospects to patients is best.

First things first – do you have your Facebook pixel installed on your site? By installing Facebook’s tracking pixel on your website, you will start building an audience that has visited your site and then be able to retarget your ads to visitors among other important abilities that a pixel provides. Here is how to install it.


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The following 5 types of campaigns will help your medical practice build awareness, attract ideal patients and convert them:

Ads for the Unaware:  These Facebook ads are for people who have never heard of your practice. They may be new to the area.  An ad for people who are unaware needs to hit a few tent poles.  It should make a positive impression and introduce your brand.  It is also key to name the prospect’s problem so there is recognition.  This ad is important as it will move the follower from the unaware category to the next level.

Ads for the Problem-Aware:  This type of ad is designed to reach people who are indeed aware that they have a problem but had no idea that your practice could help them solve it.  By addressing the prospect’s issue or discomfort, you can also introduce solutions, as the expert.  One way to gain attention is to address the issue and offer a free assessment for the viewer to learn more about possible solutions that you can provide.

Ads for the Solution-Aware: These are directed toward possible patients who are actively searching for solutions for their medical situation.  To be the most effective, these Facebook ads ideally offer a specific solution that can be executed. By offering an e-book, a blog post from your practice or other reading material, you are helping with solutions that are being sought.

Ads for the Product-Aware:  The targeted follower has read the social media posts for your practice and is familiar with your brand.  Here at the second to last stage of awareness, the ads with solutions have made an impact.  It is the optimal time to invite him or her to a consultation, to an event at your practice, to tour your offices or to make firm plans for the procedure to follow.  This more urgent call to action serves to reinforce your products and services.

Ads for the Most-Aware:  It is time to close the deal with an ad that allays fears and lessens doubts.  If you’re looking to convert someone who came to an event into a patient with an appointment, this is the time.

There is always the opportunity to learn and test your Facebook ads for your medical practice as you cultivate the strategy that works for you. If you want to learn more about moving possible patients from unaware to most aware of your practice, call us for a free consultation.


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