15 Jun 4 Best Plastic Surgeons to Follow on Instagram

It’s not a filter. It’s my plastic surgeon!
It’s no wonder that the same people who make the world a more beautiful place are the ones with some of the best Instagram profiles. After having scoured Instagram profiles nationwide, we’ve picked 4 best plastic surgeons to follow on Instagram and why.

Here are some of our favorite plastic surgeons who are rocking social media:

Who: Dr. Leonard Hochstein, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Location: Miami, FL

Insta Persona: Known as the “Boob God” of Miami, Dr. Hochstein’s thriving practice reflects his incredible following of over 81K people on Instagram.  He uses Instagram to its fullest, creating a large supply of “stories” that supply pertinent info like product specials, Mommy Makeover before and after success photos and financing options plus procedure information, reviews and even a Q&A area.  His friendship with celebrities and Bravolebrities like Kim Zolciak Biermann, who was also a patient, have garnered him attention and followers. Featured Woman Wednesday is the perfect example of how he showcases his talents and tags patients and other notable ladies in his posts.

Marketing Strategy:  Dr. Hochstein’s Insta could stand on its own as an information source.  His advice appears in publications that include New Beauty Magazine, Ocean Drive, Life & Style, Star, Glamour, Self, People, Allure, The New York Times and Miami Herald. Taking it up a notch, the good doctor has television appearances under his belt as well including Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami, ABC News, National Geographic, Entertainment Tonight Special and Bravo’s Miami Slice. His media-savvy presence combined with his stellar use of social media results in a playbook for brilliant marketing.



Check his profile here.


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Who: Dr. Jennifer Levine, Double-Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Location: Upper East Side, NYC

Insta Persona: Dr. Jennifer Levine is the master at Instagram stories, using highlight categories to convey an array of useful and engaging information. In addition to videos that help explain procedures, she uses FAQ Friday and Ask Dr. Levine as fun ways to engage with and educate her nearly 30K followers.

Dr. Levine’s love for educating her followers on both surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatments is perfectly balanced with personal bits of information. She regularly shares her passion for hot yoga, her love for her kids, and photos of events Dr. Levine had attended worldwide. She even posted her yearbook photo! If you look closely, you will notice Dr. Levine’s  versatility and ability to adapt displayed in her TikTok videos that are sprinkled on her Instagram feed.

Marketing Strategy: Featured in many publications including People Magazine, Vogue, The New York Times and The Today Show, Dr. Levine is world-renowned for her abilities as a top facial plastic surgeon and injector. She has a clear understanding of what her followers want and what makes her different, which is evident in her variety and consistency of content.


See her profile here.

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Who: Dr. Steven “Top Doc” Dayan, NY Times Bestselling Author and Professor

Location: Chicago, IL

Insta Persona: If we had to pick one word to describe Dr. Dayan’s Instagram, it would be “authentic”. With content that shows his extensive knowledge and medical community involvement, he makes engaging with his 17K+ followers look easy. He showcases his speaking engagements in  story clips that show his prowess.  Before and after photos on Insta are the perfect way to display his talents and he uses them flawlessly. He inspires with photos of his family, thoughtful verbiage that comes from the heart and photos that catch the viewer’s eye.

Marketing Strategy: Anyone who has been voted the #1 Aesthetic doctor in the United States has certainly earned the nickname “Top Doc.” Dr. Dayan is a New York Times bestselling author and his latest book Subliminally Exposed, reveals the impact beauty has on us socially and psychologically.  Appearing on more than 45 news segments, Dr. Dayan has filed with CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, WGN, ABC and has been on the History Channel. He has been in print in Elle, Marie Claire and W. He is accessible and sincere, the ideal expert in the field.


See his profile here.


Who: Dr. Kristina Zakhary, Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgeon

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Insta Persona: The self-proclaimed “Facelift Queen” is a shining star of social media docs, with almost 5K followers.  Her posts drip with authenticity, especially when it comes to feelings about current events. She’s relatable and in it with her followers and patients. This likeability coupled with solid photographs make her Insta a rabbit hole that can be followed down for an afternoon of fascination and learning. Entertaining and informational, Dr. Zakhary will post a link to a podcast appearance one day, before and after photos the next and follow it with an inspirational post.

Marketing Strategy: Her posts reach out to everyone in a way that feels conversational, not preachy. Her ease on camera and her down to earth approach work well to show her knowledge and empathy.  She is on the rise and absolutely someone to watch as her brand grows.



See her profile here.

Whether you’re a medical professional who wants to level up their social media game or someone who enjoys a great profile, do yourself a favor and check those out.

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