09 Jul 4 Best Ob/Gyns to Follow On Instagram

Instagram is a powerful tool for medical marketing. Being a highly visual platform, Ob/Gyns can have some challenges in promoting their practices. Whether you’re an Ob/Gyn looking for creative ideas and inspiration, or you are looking for a new Ob/Gyn accounts to follow, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 practitioners in the United States.

Who:  Dr. Yuliya Boruch – NYC GYN specialist/midwife

Where: Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan

Insta Persona: From new birth control to sunscreen strategies for taking care of your skin outdoors, Dr. Boruch’s page is an engaging library of educational posts that you want to share with friends.  She is the doctor you wish you had, the big sister with a medical degree who speaks to you, not at you. With a highly engaged audience of 1,200, her motto of “Let’s talk sex, health, beauty” is clearly resonating with her followers. Dr. Boruch is one of our favorite ob/gyns to follow because she speaks to interesting topics that we didn’t even think of, such as this post on the new normal of having sex – do you really need a mask?

Marketing Strategy:  Taking an shock-and-awe, informative approach to medical updates, Dr. Boruch maintains a perfect balance of informative yet entertaining, with newcomers to her Instagram page scrolling deeper to learn more.  She tags other grammers who make sense as well as shares FDA warnings that are broken down to layman’s terms. She posts nearly daily and her content is so compelling that it leaves her followers wanting more. Her strategy to include both touching family photos and chuckle-worthy memes serves to render her human and approachable. Dr. Boruch is doing everything right.

Profile: https://www.instagram.com/askdryuliya/


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Who:  Dr. Amir Marashi – Board Certified Gynecologist Specializing in Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty, Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

Where: New York City, Miami and Dubai

Insta Persona: Featured in top 5 Under 40, Dr. Marashi has been dubbed “The Vagina Whisperer” and has over 50K engaged followers on Insta. He’s hip enough to use Snapchat but sensitive enough to have a story with a baby kicking inside her mom’s womb. He’s the unicorn of jet setting doctors!

Marketing Strategy:  The media savvy Dr. Marashi knows the power of the press and has been featured in The New York Post, Refinery 29, The Sun, Whimn, Daily Mail, Latin Life, Jezebel and Deccan Chronicle. Dr. Marashi doesn’t shy away from showing surgery via video as well as using medical school props as teaching tools.  The strategy works. His informative posts about endometriosis, vaginoplasty and G-spots are fascinating.  Some of the medical video footage is not for the faint of heart but it certainly is compelling content that makes him one of the favorite ob/gyns to follow.

Profile: https://www.instagram.com/nycgyno/?hl=en


Who: South Bay OB GYN is comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological office serving Long Islanders in Stony Brook for over 30 years.

Where: West Islip, New York

Insta Persona: With over 2K followers, this long-standing OB GYN practice focuses on providing in-depth information on a variety of women’s wellness issues, including lifestyle, diet and disease. Their posts strike the perfect mix of captivating photos, user-friendly information for changing your life for the better and a helpful tone to the messaging.  They encourage interaction and clearly enjoy engaging with their followers on a number of topical subjects.

Marketing Strategy: Whether giving nutritional advice, answering questions that clients might be shy to ask or sharing patient testimonials, South Bay dominates by being the trusted expert to their followers.  Under the roof of Stony Brook Medicine, their content is more tame than some of our other top picks. However, they stand out in the depth of information their daily tip posts provide. They are here to help, both in person and via social media, something that is clearly appreciated by their patients and followers.  Their warm, sincere marketing strategy and time-tested medical knowledge make them great ob/gyns to follow and learn from.

Profile: https://www.instagram.com/southbayobgyn/



Who: Dr. Danielle Jones – Board Certified ObGyn and Mama to 4

Where: College Station, Texas

Insta Persona: Topping out at 120,000 followers, Dr. Jones is rocking social media! Her posts are authentic in nature as she uses mostly delightful photos of herself with her kids and husband. Her profile feels familiar, as if she was your room mate from college or favorite sister in law with a medical degree.  Her content is personal but powerful. For example, in her stories, she shared her strategy for keeping her family safe from the Coronavirus while working as a medical professional.

Marketing Strategy:  The reach of her social media is broad. Her YouTube channel has 434,000 subscribers and a plethora of amazing content that feels both quirky and informative. She is funny! Dr. Jones is on TikTok and is an obvious early adopter of new platforms, much to her marketing advantage. Most of all, her content is thoughtful and deliberate.   She showcases her inclusion in prestigious media outlets like BBC News, The New York Times, She Knows, Men’s Health Magazine and BUST Magazine. Dr. Jones is a shining star to watch as she reaches meteoric heights.

Profile: https://www.instagram.com/mamadoctorjones/?hl=en


Whether you’re looking for a new Ob/Gyns to follow or some inspiration to up your own Instagram profile, keep your eye out for more shining stars of medical marketing.

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