14 Feb 4 Best Dermatologists to Follow On Instagram

What does it take to be one of the best dermatologists on Instagram?

With all the innovations in skin care and anti-aging treatments, Instagram has become an essential tool in a dermatologist’s medicine bag.

The visual-centric platform perfectly positions dermatologists, plastic surgeons, make up artists and other professionals in the aesthetics industry to showcase their expertise.

But we all know that it’s not what you do – it’s how you do it!

We picked the crème de la crème of dermatologists on the East Coast and identified what makes their Instagrams so effective and fun to follow!

Whether you’re a dermatologist yourself looking for marketing ideas or are in the market for one, this list will give you what you need.


Who: Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, Aesthetic Dermatologist & Spiritual Advisor

Insta Persona: He has a personal Instagram profile as well as one for his practice, both of which do a great job at balancing fun and serious content. His personal insta is a clear celebration of his life. From globe-trotting and educating fellow colleagues to sharing his spirituality with 56K followers, he does it with excitement. His professionalism also shines through where he shows followers how to use products like Lumify properly.

Marketing Strategy: Although we typically recommend that public figures keep one business profile, Dr. Shino Bay and his team do a great job at up-keeping both. Each page has its own unique personality. One of the things that stands out across both profiles is the way he delivers information. When he makes a deep statement like in this post on his office page, it’s thoughtful but relevant and not heavy. This is a winning combination for creating engaging posts and makes Dr. Shino Bay one of the best dermatologists to follow on Instagram.


Who: Dr. Doris Day, Dermatologist, Artist, Journalist, World Traveler

Insta Persona: In addition to being a board certified dermatologist, Dr. Day has her Masters in journalism and medical reporting. As is evident from her Instagram profile, she is passionate about educating both the public and her peers on the latest in dermatology. Her experience, personal stories and before and after photos round out a perfect social profile.

Marketing Strategy: Dr. Day demonstrates what we often tell our clients: Just because you help people look their best, doesn’t mean your profile has to be pretty. The goal of being on any social platform is to make it effective.

When scrolling through Dr. Day’s profile, the only “template” you will find is when she is sharing content from The Gist. The randomness of visuals is refreshing and clearly effective for her. In one photo, she is appearing LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, the next she is participating in the Dolly Parton Challenge and then sharing a recipe for a recharging home eye mask with her 31.3K followers.

It may seem random, but everything has the underlying message of “I love what I do and I’m really good at it” without saying it directly. And that’s the type of humility that also plays into being part of our list of best dermatologists on the East Coast.


Who: Dr. Mariwalla of Mariwalla Dermatology, Aesthetic Expert, Board Certified Derm, Mohs Surgeon

Insta Persona: The expert on all things skin, Dr. Mariwalla consistently shares her expertise, results and friendly smile on her profile.

Marketing Strategy: When considering a doctor, especially an aesthetic expert, a few questions come to mind: How good is this doc? Will they be nice? Dr. Mariwalla answers those two key questions in organic ways:

  • “I’m great at what I do”: She frequently posts her successes in the form of before / afters, collaborations and articles she has been featured in.
  • “I’m a human being”: Her friendly smile makes a consistent appearance on her Instagram feed. Dr. Mariwalla’s relatable yet relevant video posts about stocking stuffers let her followers get a good idea of the type of experience they can expect when being treated by her. Adding humanity to your feed is key!


Who: Heidi A Waldorf, MD, Globe-trotting Cosmetic Derm Diva, Lecturer,#Heideas Creator, Industry Opinion Leader, Media Maven, Castle Connolly TopDoc: Art+Science=NaturalBeauty

Insta Persona: Dr. Waldorf’s profile is full of travel, expert advice and fun expressions of her personality in a variety of videos.

Marketing Strategy: If we had to pick only one favorite thing about Dr. Waldorf’s ‘gram, it would have to be her #Heideas. The use of hashtags, especially witty ones like that, helps separate you from the crowd as it makes remembering you easier. In addition to providing knowledge on skin care and treatments like Emsculpt, she shares her expertise with other doctors and we’ve seen her comment encouraging messages on their profiles including Dr. Mariwalla’s! As a prospective patient, her “team player” attitude is a big attraction. With a high rate of engagement, her 10.7K followers seem to agree!


If you provide cosmetic services, Instagram can be a key tool to your success.

But it’s important to do it ‘right’ for you and your audience.

While the dermatologists mentioned above have various components that make them successful on the platform, it is crucial for you to first identify your strategy. From there, you can build a marketing plan that effectively engages your audience, positions you as the expert and drives traffic to your practice.

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