09 Sep 3 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm with Online Marketing

To grow your law firm consistently in a saturated market, you must implement online marketing methods that make you stand out from the rest. As you read through the tested and proven recommendations below, remember that effective marketing consists of combining synergistic methods – there is no silver bullet!

Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

Social media is a powerful tool in your online arsenal. But everyone is doing it. You may be looking at other law firms’ social media pages for inspiration or even hearing colleagues getting consistent leads from social ads. We urge you to take it all with a grain of salt and focus on finding the combination that attracts your ideal clients.

A few key points to keep in mind about social media:

  • Followers and likes do not equal clients.
  • Social media is part of a client-generating funnel, not a standalone marketing method.
  • You will likely try various combinations of platforms and uses before finding what generates your practice leads and clients.

Law firms have restrictions in how they use social media.


Various restrictions exist in how law firms and attorneys are able to use personal and business social media pages. It is recommended that you review your State’s Board regulations regarding social media. Having worked with law firms nationwide for over a decade, we’ve found most State’s regulations to be well-outlined and quite light. It is recommended that you work with a marketing agency that is familiar with law firm marketing as you are less likely to get in trouble with the Board.

To grow your law firm effectively, you must humanize it.

While each law firm’s marketing strategy may differ, one aspect stands true across the board: In order to separate yourself from the rest, you must humanize your legal practice.

Because of the regulations attorneys face and the formal nature of the business, many law firms fill their social media with stuffy content that doesn’t attract their ideal client. Humanize your content by showcasing people in your practice

Email Your Audience Consistently

On average, email marketing for attorneys produces $44 for every $1 spent.

Most likely a client who your firm has represented in the past will have a family member who needs representation and it is likely they will pass along your name as a trusted expert.  Your firm probably has a large database of past clients. If you’re not staying in contact with them via a newsletter, you’re missing out on the chance to foster these relationships and help their friends and loved ones when they need an attorney.

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9 billion people use email applications with over 90% of adults checking them every day. Sending consistent, informative newsletters is an ideal way to stay top of mind.  Construct a newsletter strategy and optimize your click-through-rates, which will lead your subscribers to your contact info and website. A newsletter is a great way to highlight the exciting happenings in your practice, welcome new staff, share new firm goals, tout recently won cases and alert readers to changes in laws that relate to your practice.

Stay Relevant With Content Marketing

The statistics on content marketing on law firm sites is impressive.  Content marketing brings in over 50% more visitors to your site culminating in over 60% more leads.

Look at your firm’s website as if you’ve never seen it before.  Is it easy to navigate?  Is your contact information readily available? Is it easy to read?  Don’t get bogged down in too much technical language that the content isn’t digestible. Is your area of expertise easy to find?  Clients are coming to your site for a specific service so make sure that their search ends in clearly defined areas of practice.

An important part of content marketing is consistently blogging.  This valuable content will set you apart as a legal resource, an essential part of gaining consumer trust.  Many firms start a blog but run out of steam or time to maintain it.  Setting a schedule will ensure consistency and build a library of compelling content that will drive eyes to your site.

The first step to effectively growing your law firm is consulting an expert. This will save you time, money and frustration. Schedule a 20-minute consultation call with SocialCow today.