28 Dec 2021 Marketing Trends to Start Implementing Now

As much of the world happily bids adieu to the year 2020, the time has come to drill down and implement the newest marketing trends for 2021.

2020 has taught us a lot. More than ever before, we understand the importance of not just being present online but the power of engaging with our audience.

Here are the marketing trends to implement in 2021:

*Virtual Events:  When done correctly, virtual events can be highly profitable. They are great for selling high ticket items as well.

Why they worked in 2020: Virtual events were not a new invention in 2020, but they were highly undervalued prior to the pandemic. This tool became a life saver for some, especially brick and mortar businesses that were subject to closures, including gyms, restaurants and even doctors’ offices.

Why they will work in 2021 (and beyond):

Virtual events and experiences are popular ways for brands and audiences to engage outside of traditional sales messaging.  Keep in mind that these digital business pivots may be the new norm. With a virtual event, concerns like travel restrictions, cost and visa permissions are non-issues. Virtual events boast a higher attendance and participation than in-person promotions.  The cost is lower and the ROI is higher. Win-win.

Pro tip:  Make sure that your virtual event is impactful by engaging with your virtual audience.  It shouldn’t be a one-way communication but a vehicle for participation.


*Play Games: One of our favorite 2021 marketing trends!

The heaviness of 2020 set the stage perfectly for the incorporation of games into marketing. Although not a new concept, the use of games increased substantially. Moreover, the time between games played and purchase made has been reduced.

As with any marketing technique, it’s important to consider your overall strategy. If strategy is not followed, your efforts could be dismissed or even backfire.

A great example of game utilization is “Starbucks For Life” deployed by the coffee shop giant during the holiday season. As a company highly focused on customer service, which includes how quickly they can get the orders out, Starbucks knows their clients value speed! Instead of doing something more cerebral such as a quiz, they used a slot machine set up for which you can earn plays by completing certain challenges. If they had ignored their strategy and image, they could have also lowered the interest in their app.


*Optimize for Voice Search:  As a growing number of searches online are driven by voice and that trend will continue into 2021, it proves that consumers are using their smart speakers to shop.  A quarter of U.S. households own an Amazon Echo, Google Home or another smart speaker.  Your brand may not be ready for smart speaker advertising but start planning to ensure that your content is optimized for voice search.  Voice search is driven by longer, conversational requests, so skewing your content to serve these queries can help it to be recognized by voice searches.


*Neuromarketing:  Big brands have used neuroscience to pre-test their marketing campaigns for decades. But it’s not until recently that advances in technology have permitted smaller businesses to use neuromarketing practices to optimize their campaigns. The two main advantages of neuromarketing are an increase in ROI and decrease in costly errors. To learn more about how your business can incorporate neuromarketing, schedule a free consultation here.


*Chatbots:  This AI-based technology employs instant messaging to chat day or night, in real time with site visitors.  In a recent survey, 63% of respondents prefer messaging online with a chatbot.  Customers find that they give answers promptly, accurately recall your buying history and are always even-tempered.  These virtual assistants give stellar customer service, meet customer expectations and handle repetitive tasks so you can focus on other responsibilities.

What are you planning on implementing in 2021? If you don’t have a plan, we will take 20 minutes to start one with you! Click here to book your free planning session.