24 Mar 10 Medical Marketing Strategies to Implement Immediately

Marketing your medical practices requires that you keep a finger on the pulse of all that is new, while at the same time being deep-rooted in your marketing strategy.


  1. Start Selling Online: This is especially relevant for plastic surgeons, medspas or other aesthetic medical practices.  As the trusted medical expert, you are in a unique position to carry the non-invasive aesthetics treatments and skin care products that you believe in and to share with your clients the ones that will work best for them.  You don’t have to redo your entire site to start selling online. SocialCow can help you sell in as few as 7 days! Schedule a consult call here.


  1. Create Videos: People love all things #BTS (behind the scenes). Whether you’re a plastic surgeon or a cardiologist, your audience wants to see how you go about your day – yes, even the gory surgeries. Videos have a high engagement rate and from a neuromarketing perspective, they help your audience see that you are human and the type of human that you are. In short, are you the right fit for them? Not sure what to post? Don’t let indecision paralysis prevent you from connecting with your audience. To produce informative content, write down questions you get asked frequently. If many people are asking you this in person, they are definitely Google-ing it a lot too – that’s a great way to be found! Otherwise, just start filming. That double shot espresso with a pump of cinnamon dolce and a splash of oat milk coffee order that you think no one cares about seeing may just get you your next patient!


  1. Use Experts – and Trust Them: If you want a rhinoplasty, you wouldn’t go to a cardiologist. If you require an ethnical rhinoplasty, you will probably narrow down your choices to facial plastic surgeons who have ample experience performing what you require. Marketing is no different. Be sure to hire medical marketing experts (Hey, there! ?) who have experience and knowledge needed. It will not only create better results faster but it will significantly cut down the learning curve as they will already be familiar with the treatments you provide. And don’t forget –  just as you expect your patients to trust you, not Google where it matters, trust your marketing team to lead you to success.


  1. Email = $$$: In 2020, SocialCow helped medical practices grow by an average of 28% and much of it is due to online shopping. For a plastic surgeon in NYC, who adopted our Online Shopping for Aesthetics program at the beginning of the pandemic, saw an average order value of $1,578 per email sent. Whether you’re looking to sell treatments directly through email or want to keep atop of mind for lapsed and current patients, email is a moneymaker not to be ignored. In addition to having your patients on there, be sure to have a strategy to grow your email marketing list. See strategies #8 and #9 to do just that!

5. Optimize Your Site for Positive Patient Experience – the Neuromarketing Way: You already know the importance of optimizing your site for mobile… you know how important load speed is… you know how important SEO is… you may even know the importance of having a life chat that integrates with a CMS – very important! But are you watching potential patients browse your site and identifying where it can be improved? If not, you need some neuromarketing.

Websites require ongoing care and there are always improvements to be made as marketing changes often and quickly! If you have not browsed through your site in the last week, you are already behind. But no worries, SocialCow can help. We watch recorded sessions and use neuro-indicators such as “rage clicks” to identify points of frustration and optimization, which we then help improve.  Click here to schedule a call and qualify for a FREE neuro-audit of your website.


6. Utilize Social Media Marketing for Doctors: Do you have a Facebook or Instagram ad running right now? If not, you should! From generating brand awareness to lead generation to retargeting, social media advertising should be a staple in your medical practice.


7. Check Your Profile Listings: When patients search for you online, it is imperative to verify, claim and optimize your business listings on all platforms. Uniformity is key.  This lets Google know that the information is correct. Check Google, Yelp, Facebook and more to make sure that all give the same details about your practice so Google has the confidence to put your data over a competitor’s practice.  Has your practice moved?  Make sure that the current address and phone number are updated everywhere.


8. Plan Online Events for Your Practice: In 2020, we helped medical practices not only stay atop of mind for their patients, but we used online events to help them sell non-invasive treatments and online consultations right there and then! Telecommuting has been a growing way of life with no signs of stopping. If you think that your audience may be tired of staring at the screen all day, they’re not! In fact, they would be grateful to win a giveaway, learn what you have to teach and meet your staff. A few added benefits of hosting online events for your medical practice is that you’re creating evergreen content that you can later use and it gets new, engaged people on your email list!


9. Start Quizzing Your Patients: Do you love earning stars through your Starbucks app? Our founder, Kristina Centnere, is a BIG Starbucks fan. She has been known to go to Starbucks several times a day, only to complete the “challenge” given by Starbucks and get her stars! Her excuse? Market research.

Well, that “research” pays off! Since implementing quizzes for our medical marketing clients, including plastic surgeons, cardiologists, medical spas, Ob/Gyn’s and more, our clients’ rate of email growth has increased by an average of 2% per month. For a 10,000 email list, that’s approximately 200 additional people per month from one method alone!

Gamification has been steadily growing and the pandemic rocketed it through the roof. Engaging your audience through games will not only help you build your email list, but it will also help you be remembered by the participants while collecting data on their preferences, which can help you better retarget them!


10. Encourage New Patient Reviews: One of the top 3 essential SEO factors in local search rankings comes from patient reviews. If a potential patient has two doctors to pick from, he or she is 91% more likely to select the provider with higher reviews.  SocialCow uses HIPAA-compliant review generation software that allows provider practices to seamlessly generate review requests into existing checkout workflows!


Putting some of these elements into play will drive new patient traffic into your practice.  There is energy between these actions and success with one will carry into other aspects. Helping medical practices grow is our passion.  Text 631-209-7434 today to schedule a free consultation.