Social Cow | Social Media’s Role in Customer Care
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Social Media’s Role in Customer Care

Social Media’s Role in Customer Care

Social media has quickly evolved from a way to stay in touch with friends to being a necessity in not only growing a business, but servicing customers as well.

As the founder of SocialCow, I fly quite often between our clients in New England and Miami. 99% of the time I choose to fly Delta. It’s not because of how prompt they are (no one is prompt flying out of JFK) or because they serve healthy alternatives like bananas and almonds instead of your typical biscotti or peanuts, but because of the level of interaction I get with them on their Twitter.

There are many other great attributes to the airline, but the fact that they answer every single Tweet I tag them in on Twitter is what tips my decision in their favor, even if it is less economical.

It is one thing to respond to a consumer request or a complaint, but to receive a genuine response consistently even on a seemingly trivial mention is going above and beyond in customer service.



These responses came in within minutes of my mention, which speaks volumes to how quickly they can help resolve a customer’s complaint.

Social media’s role in customer service has grown exponentially. The graphic below, created by our friends at Website Builder¬†tells the story of how businesses have adopted this method of communication due to the high demand for it from their customers.

Is your business set up to offer support through social media? If not, give us a call at 475.422.2999 today for a complimentary consultation.

About the author

Kristina Centnere is the founder of SocialCow, dedicated to helping retail businesses utilize the power of social marketing to drive business, engage with customers and maximize profits. With education in behavioral science, experience in marketing and sales, Kristina understands the difficulties retail locations are facing, especially now that the world has gone digital. More importantly, she has the solution.