Social Cow | Increase Search Engine Ranking for Your Franchise Location Through Google and Facebook Reviews
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Increase Search Engine Ranking for Your Franchise Location Through Google and Facebook Reviews

Increase Search Engine Ranking for Your Franchise Location Through Google and Facebook Reviews

Before we get into the “how”, let’s explore the “why”. Why would you – a retail location – want to be on the top of Google search for your business and area?

We’ll keep it simple: 90% of all clicks go to the top 3 businesses in Google search. When searching for a location, this means top 3 Google listings or the top 3 search listings that come up. Once you get into the top 3, you will see a dramatic increase in the number of clicks your listing receives.

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Moving up in ranks on Google search can be a challenge for any business. You must know the current requirements of Google, how to follow them properly and of course, consistently implement them.

We work with a variety of businesses in highly competitive industries, helping them reach the coveted spot of 1st in Google search for selected keywords. Typically, search engine ranking is done for websites. However, as is in the case of brick and mortar businesses, search engine optimization must sometimes be done by moving up its location listings, including Google listing and Facebook location page. After all, retail locations want users to call or get directions, not just find their website.

So, what’s the difference in techniques? When performing search engine optimization on a website, you combine the use of keywords, consistently updated content, off-page optimization techniques, Google compliance and a variety of other ever-changing methods to move your site up through the ranks. When moving up a location listing, you must focus on the limited parameters that you have in order to be able to do so.

These parameters include optimizing the listings content itself such as the name, description, images, etc., as well as creating consistent content. On Google and Facebook, this content comes in the form of consistent customer reviews and posts.

Increasing the rank of a location is especially crucial for franchised businesses. Take a retailer of Verizon Wireless, for instance. A retailer will not outspend Verizon in Google Ad spend. Nor will they get as many visitors to their website to surpass the corporate website. Their only option is to outrank each individual location in their respective area by utilizing the methods described above.

The example below is a Verizon Authorized Retailer location in Pelham, NY. Simply by searching “Pelham Verizon Wireless” from nearby*, their Google listing shows up, as well as their Facebook listing. As you can see, they have a large number of positive customer reviews, which helps not only their ranking but also in attracting customers to their location rather than their competitors.

*NOTE: If you are not in the New York area, you would need to search “Pelham NY Verizon Wireless” as Google search takes into account your geographic location. For instance, if you are doing this search from Florida, you are likely to find a Pelham, Alabama location instead of the one in New York.


What about a location in a highly competitive area? Below, you can see that multiple listings come up as a result of a search. Being the first in line will give you a great advantage as it is. Being the best – having the most stars – will make you a sure choice for a potential client.

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